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33 irresistible desserts to prepare this Christmas

The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about the menu for supper. Between main courses, appetizers and appetizers, it is necessary to reserve a special moment for Christmas desserts. You can use creativity to make amazing sweet dishes that will make your whole family and your guests mouth water, making Christmas dinner (or lunch) even more special.

And there is no shortage of sensational and very characteristic options for this celebration. See 40 wonderful dessert recipes for Christmas:

Cheesecake recipes for Christmas

One of the traditional Christmas desserts is cheesecake. Made with a cookie base, it takes a cream made with cream cheese and the filling you want. The combination of salty and sweet is delicious!

1. Cherry cheesecake: this is that recipe that is not only tasty, but also looks wonderful on the table. The cherry is very characteristic of this celebration and, therefore, goes well with the supper.

2. Red fruit cheesecake: another delicious version that is the face of Christmas. The red fruit cheesecake is very soft and also looks beautiful to compose your table.

3. Panettone cheesecake: Panettone already has everything to do with Christmas, making the cheesecake so, it’s an overdose of celebration! This recipe still has cherries topping, which give a special touch to the dish.

4. Chocolate cheesecake: for chocolate lovers this version is wonderful. With a mild flavor and good creaminess, you can have zest on top to decorate. Run to the full recipe to test it now!

5. Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake: the differential of this recipe is the possibility of making mini cheesecakes, forming individual portions for your guests. Another cool point is the background made with wafer, it’s delicious!

6. Strawberry and pretzel cheesecake: with a pretzel base, giving a salty touch, and strawberry filling, this cheesecake is a very nice option to surprise your guests!

7. Strawberry Cheesecake with White Chocolate: Chocolate with Strawberry, can you go wrong? A differential of this recipe is that it is made with brown sugar, a healthier and more interesting option for making sweets.

8. Black Forest Cheesecake: With chocolate and cherry, this cheesecake has a very good flavor that will make your family members mouth water. Despite taking several ingredients, they are all very easy to find!

Christmas cake recipes

Cake is all good! And there is no shortage of original recipe options that are the face of this more than special celebration. Check out some:

9. Christmas chocolate cake: this cake has characteristic Christmas ingredients: raisins, maraschino cherries, cinnamon, cloves powder and nutmeg. The combination of these flavors is wonderful!

10. Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Cake: Raisins are the face of this time of year, aren’t they? And they come with everything to give this cake a special flavor. And it’s very simple to prepare: just mix all the ingredients and put it in the oven. Perfect!

11. Christmas cake with candied fruits: another special flavor of this season is candied fruits. This cake, whose main ingredient is fruit, is prepared with demerara sugar, a healthier option for those looking to avoid excessive sugar consumption.

12. Chocolate cake with strawberry and raisins: for those who want a quick, practical and delicious dessert, this recipe is ideal. It takes only 20 minutes in the oven and allows you to devote yourself to the rest of the supper dishes.

13. Grandma’s Christmas cake: with that unique taste of grandma’s recipe, this cake has candied fruits, nuts and cinnamon powder.

14. Vegan Christmas cake in the shape of a wreath: a very tasty option for vegan guests, it is in the shape of a wreath and adds an extra charm to your supper table.

15. Hungarian dried fruit and chestnut cake: Hungarian cake is delicious and this version gets a wonderful up with a combination of candied fruit, cinnamon, ginger and cherry syrup. Both the smell and the taste are irresistible.

16. Mixed Christmas cake: surprise your guests with a recipe with a colorful interior in shades of red and green, matching your decor!

Pavé recipes for Christmas

Pavé is another very traditional Christmas dessert, mainly to give one of the “uncles” the opportunity to make the oldest joke in the world: “is it pavé or ‘pá comê’?”. Discover different versions of this sweet that will undoubtedly leave your guests drooling:

17. Pavé de chocotone: pavé is the face of this celebration. Chocolate too. So how about combining the two? The combination looks amazing and gains the charm of cherries in syrup on top.

18. Dulce de leche pavé with walnuts: in this recipe it is recommended to make the dulce de leche at home, in the pressure cooker. The result is a more homemade and delicious taste!

19. Apricot pavé with walnuts and raisins: the combination of walnuts, apricots and raisins is the face of Christmas and is also delicious. The person in charge of the recipe says that without one of these three items it is not the same. So enjoy the mix and enjoy!

20. Guava pavé: easy to prepare, the guava pavé also has a subtle touch of vanilla essence. In addition to being delicious, it looks very nice on the table.

Panettone and chocolate recipes

Many people realize the end of the year is approaching when panettones and chocottones become part of the shelves of supermarkets and stores. So this is a traditional dessert that can’t be missed on your table! And if you want a homemade flavor and even more special, you can make one of these sensational recipes!

21. Truffled chocottone: here the idea is to boost a ready-to-eat chocottone with truffled chocolate and dried fruit. The result is wonderful!

22. Vegan Panettone and Chocottone: And who says vegans can’t have a panettone or chocottone for themselves? Both are made without any animal products.

23. Gelatin Mosaic: Gelatin is perfect for Christmas, mainly due to the tropical heat of the season. It’s quick to prepare, freeing up time to devote to the main course of supper.

24. Traditional panettone: the good thing about this recipe is the possibility of making traditional pannettone with homemade flavor. Although its production is a little complex, the result is divine!

25. Raspberry Cream: This is a light, simple and out-of-the-ordinary sweet, offering a tasty option for your guests. It’s worth a try!

26. Fluffy Panettone: Do you want a recipe with a different texture, fluffier than traditional Panettone and delicious? Then that will be your choice. Perfect for surprising your guests!

27. Special Brigadeiro Panettone: This is not just a chocottone. In addition to all the “homemade” flavor, it is filled with gourmet brigadeiro and has a touch of orange and Sicilian lemon. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

28. Easy chocottone: perfect for those who have a little difficulty making fermented dough, this recipe is easy for those who are not used to it and is delicious to give as a gift to family members.

Christmas dessert recipes

And there are still a number of other recipes that are amazing to be served as dessert on the day of your supper, giving a special touch to the fraternization of your family members. Check out some of them.

29. Christmas Truffle Rocambole: this is a classic recipe from the regions of France, Lebanon and Canada. The result is a mouth-watering candy that looks like a tree trunk.

31. Honey Flan with Strawberry Jam: Flans are delicate desserts perfect for giving a more sophisticated touch to the table. This recipe is gluten-free, lactose-free and completely vegan.

32. Mountain snow: for those who don’t have time to prepare more elaborate dishes for dessert and want something creative, the snow mountain made of meringue and whipped cream is wonderful.

33. Christmas Panna Cotta: if you want a dessert that also helps to decorate the table, this is the recipe for you. It is shaped like a Christmas ball, leaving a cute look on the table.

That is, it is possible to make amazing desserts for your family members and make this celebration even more beautiful and delicious. Choose your recipes, share this post on your social networks and give your friends amazing ideas to prepare for Christmas dinner too! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this amazing selection of Christmas recipes.

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