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32 photos that prove that the sweatshirt doesn’t just have to be used indoors

It may even be true that people are more elegant in winter, but if it is possible to combine comfort with style, the look is even more interesting. For the reality of much of the southern hemisphere, winter does not require very heavy coats and, in this context, the sweatshirt is a key piece in the closet.

The sweatshirt blouse is versatile, but it was not always present in the most “tidy” productions. For a long time he was synonymous with clothes to stay at home, as if he were the best friend of pajamas, but why not take this item so comfortable to walk on the street with you? With a little imagination it is possible to make the sweatshirt a component of a look that is not obvious and very stylish. To prove this to you, we selected 40 photos that will make you look at the sweatshirt with different eyes.

1. The sweatshirt is perfect for comfy travel

2. But it is also practical for the day to day rush

3. Want to see how versatile it is?

4. Matches with skirts…

5. The leather jacket gives a rocker look to the look

6. With shorts for not too cold days

7. And, of course, with jeans

8. A powerful boot balances the informality of the sweatshirt

9. By the way, the boot and sweatshirt combo always works!

10. And the possibilities are many!

11. From a more casual approach

12. Even a totally fashionista idea

13. Folding up the sleeves also gives a cool effect

14. The one-piece is the best solution for days of little inspiration

15. And this sequence reinforces its versatility

16. Did you see just how many possibilities with one piece?

17. Black sweatshirt is a must-have in the closet

18. The handkerchief around the neck and the white boot work as accessories for the composition

19. Assorted prints

20. And don’t forget the templates with applications

21. They make the piece look like a jewel!

22. The outfits are super high

23. Sweatshirt on top and sweatshirt underneath? We love it!

24. Cropped with a high waist I don’t even need to say that it has everything to do with it, right?

25. Betting on layers for the coldest days is the secret to a warm look

26. And pair it with a summery piece for cool days

27. It is indispensable for winter

28. The translation of this look could be: comfort in the shape of clothes

29. Because it’s comfort we need!

30. But without leaving the style aside

31. Bold production that was super successful!

32. The sweatshirt with ties left the look irreverent

See how many looks you can create with one piece? Combined with the right pieces, the sweatshirt can be used in almost any situation. The best of it all? He’s warm, comfortable and can be found in any store!

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