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32 delicious and different chicken pie recipes

Pie is a great option to serve when you get together with the people you love. It can be prepared for different occasions, both as an aperitif, as a main course and even as a side dish.

Chicken stuffing is very common in pies, in addition to being tasty, it is a low-cost ingredient. Even though it’s a common dish, it’s possible to innovate in recipes!

And here we are going to show you tips for very different and tasty fillings and preparations so that you can surprise by preparing this traditional recipe.

Next, check out recipes with rotten dough, blender, creamy, healthy, with cheese and other options.


1. Chicken pie: the crust of this pie is very crispy and the filling is creamy, which creates a balance between the textures. The cool thing about this recipe is that the chicken is seasoned with homemade vegetable broth, making it a healthier option for your diet.

2. Chicken pie with yogurt: for the filling of this pie, the chicken is also prepared with natural seasonings. The dough must be mixed with your hands, and this is where the yogurt is added.

3. Open chicken pie: in this recipe the dough is baked for 20 minutes before the filling is placed on it. After covering with the stuffing, just bake for another 20 minutes. You can separate a piece of the dough to decorate the pie.

with rotten dough

4. Chicken and cream cheese pie: with a crispy rotten dough and a creamy filling that includes chicken, hearts of palm and cream cheese, this recipe has everything you need to be successful.

5. Chicken pie: the difference with this pie is that its dough does not contain vegetable fat, so it is drier. The three ingredients used in the dough are: butter, salt and flour. And to make the chicken tastier, you can use your creativity.

6. Chicken pie: this recipe takes more ingredients in the dough than the previous one, but its preparation is also very simple. The author of the recipe says to prepare the filling first, as it takes longer and should not be placed too hot in the dough.

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easy and fast

7. Express chicken pie: this is a super practical mini recipe. Just mix the ingredients with a whisk or in the blender, put it in the shape, cover with the stuffing and take it to bake.

8. Chicken pie with rotten dough: in most recipes for this dough, lard or hydrogenated fat is used, but this is not the case here. These ingredients have been replaced by butter, so the dough is lighter. For the stuffing, in addition to chicken with various seasonings, béchamel sauce is also used.

9. Pan-fried Chicken Pie: Are you avoiding carbs and/or in a hurry? Then this recipe is for you! To prepare this pie you will only need eggs, chicken, cheese, yeast and seasonings. The preparation is very similar to that of an omelet, but the dough is blended in a blender.

From blender

10. Chicken pie with curd: this pie, besides being very practical, is ready in a short preparation time. This pie is very creamy, because the dough uses milk cream and the filling uses cottage cheese.

11. Chicken pie with olives: for the dough you must add all the ingredients to the blender, except the yeast, which is added after the dough is already mixed. For the filling use black and green olives. Preparation is also very quick.


12. Chicken Pie with Red Sauce: When we think of a creamy filling, we usually think of a white sauce. This recipe is different, in it the red sauce is creamy.

13. Chicken pie with creamy dough: the tip for the filling of this recipe is to use a whole chicken breast, with bones and skin, so that the flavor is more striking. The broth by itself is already turning into a cream. The curd is used to make the dough creamy.

with cheeses

14. Creamy chicken, corn and curd pie: this pie has a really creamy filling, as it contains cream and curd. As the dough has grated Parmesan cheese, the color is golden, even without passing an egg yolk on top.

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15. Chicken Pie with Cheese Topping: This recipe is divided into three steps: preparing the chicken, the dough and the cream cheese. The tip here is to serve hot.

16. Chicken pie with ricotta dough: for the dough to be lighter, a ricotta cream is used. The suggestion for the filling is to add red and green peppers, olives, corn, peas and also cream cheese.

17. Chicken Pie with Ricotta Cream and Canasta Cheese: The dough in this recipe takes only five ingredients and is handmade. To make the chicken tastier, ricotta and canasta cheese are used, in addition to corn and olives.

18. Chicken pie with curd: the dough in this recipe is made in a blender and is ready in no time. For the filling you will need tomatoes, curd, grated cheese and seasonings.


19. Chicken pie with potatoes and mayonnaise: for those who want to innovate in the kitchen this pie is a good suggestion. Its dough takes mashed potatoes, getting very fluffy. The mayonnaise is used in the stuffing, along with the chicken, which is juicy and moist, according to the author of the recipe.

20. Chicken pie with creamy filling: this dough is light and fluffy, reminiscent of potato bread. The filling is creamy, as it is mixed with the cream cheese. Corn and olives are also added to it.

21. Chicken pie with hearts of palm: this combination is very common for savory fillings, and this is no coincidence, the fact is that they really combine. With sour cream in the dough and cream cheese in the filling, this recipe has a mouth-watering creaminess.

chicken pie

22. Chicken pot pie with cream cheese: the rotten dough made here uses vegetable fat. The vegetables used for the stuffing are blended in a blender, creating a cream that will be added to the chicken.

23. Chicken pot pie with cream cheese: the shredded chicken takes red sauce and basil, then the cream cheese is added to the filling, creating a creaminess.

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24. Chicken pie with cream cheese: the pie has a firmer dough, which is separated from the filling. In this recipe, the curd is used both in the dough and in the filling.


25. Gluten-free chicken pie: the dough in this recipe is made with eggs, ricotta, milk, sweet flour, olive oil and yeast. The filling is on account of a chicken in sauce. It’s very protein.

26. :Fit chicken pie: this pasta is made from quinoa, a grain that, in addition to helping the diet, is full of benefits, such as: regulating the intestines, delaying aging, fighting anemia, among many other advantages.

27. Low carb chicken pie: recipes that have a small amount of carbohydrates are called low carb. The dough is made with oat bran, a yolk and cauliflower. The suggestion for the stuffing is to add vegetables to the chicken.

28. Fit chicken and vegetable pie: want to eat something tasty, but that doesn’t interfere with your diet? When preparing a vegetable and chicken filling, you mix healthy and tasty ingredients. And the cool thing is that it bakes in just 20 minutes.

29. Wholemeal chicken pie: in the dough, white wheat flour is replaced by wholemeal. The filling is a super colorful shredded chicken, full of vegetables, which makes you want to eat with your eyes.


30. Gluten-free and lactose-free chicken pie: you can also enjoy eating a gluten-free and lactose-free chicken pie. To prepare the dough you can use gluten free flour or rice flour. Milk is replaced by water.

31. Lactose-free chicken pie Want to prepare a dairy-free pie in no time? The suggestion is this blender recipe that replaces milk with water.

32. Kosher Chicken Pie: This recipe is for Jews, who don’t mix meat and milk in their meals. The dough is made with oil. The filling has a unique creaminess and flavor because of the onion cream. It is also a good choice for those with intolerance.
to lactose.

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