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31 shrimp risotto recipes to warm your heart

It is said that risotto came about by accident hundreds of years ago. True or not, it’s a dish that usually pleases everyone and goes beyond generations! Whether as a starter or as a main course, paired with a little wine, it’s a warm recipe, full of flavor and possibilities.

Some people love cheese risotto. Other people like the chicken version. But the risotto that is usually the most successful among lovers of good cuisine is the one made with shrimp.

You like? Then you’ve come to the right post! Check below 31 shrimp risotto suggestions to prepare at home. There are options from the simplest, with affordable ingredients, to the most sophisticated, inspired by dishes by great chefs.

Traditional shrimp risotto recipes

1. Shrimp risotto with curd: ideal to prepare on those days when you have guests at home, this risotto takes few ingredients – and even allows substitutions with whatever you have in the fridge. The curd makes it even creamier.

2. Whole shrimp risotto: eating well doesn’t mean you have to put your health aside. This risotto is made with brown rice, shrimp in shell, onion, zucchini, fresh seasonings, salt, pepper and light cream cheese. For a light and irresistible dinner.

3. Shrimp risotto with saffron: some ingredients make all the difference in a dish. This is the case with saffron, which gives a warm and well-seasoned touch to risotto. For one cup of arborio rice, use four teaspoons of turmeric.

4. Shrimp risotto with Sicilian lemon cream: seafood is all about lemon – and this dish is no different. The risotto, made with carnaroli rice and small gray shrimp, receives a Sicilian lemon cream made with fresh cream and 20 ml of fruit juice. Creamy to measure.

5. Shrimp risotto with mozzarella: the secret to the success of this risotto is a delicious broth made with shrimp shells and heads. Among other ingredients, to serve two people you need a cup and a half of rice, a medium onion, two cloves of garlic and 100 g of grated mozzarella cheese.

6. Shrimp risotto with turmeric: it is possible to prepare risotto without using ingredients such as cheese and butter. And yes, the result is just as delicious. Arborio rice, dry white wine, onion, turmeric, Japanese pumpkin, shrimp, vegetable broth, olive oil, salt and black pepper are the items you will need for the preparation.

7. Shrimp risotto with leek: here the list of ingredients is a little more extensive, but the step by step doesn’t present much mystery. The difference is the finish: when the shrimp and rice are ready, sprinkle lemon zest on top and stir.

8. Shrimp risotto with coconut milk: coconut milk is an ingredient that brings more lightness to dishes. In this recipe, its flavor harmonizes with peppers and tomatoes, making each bite a unique experience. Chef’s trick: when the risotto is ready, turn off the heat and place a spoon of butter in the center of the pan. Let it slowly unravel. This gives the dish a nice shine.

9. Shrimp risotto with cilantro: the nice thing about risotto is that it is the main dish itself, not needing any complements for a delicious meal. However, a side salad always goes well. Shrimp risotto with cilantro, for example, goes well with a green leafy salad.

10. Colorful Shrimp Risotto: Some risotto recipes aren’t exactly quick to make. On the other hand, all the dedication you put into the preparation comes back to you in the form of a mouth-licking home-cooked meal. This version here is full of color, spices and affection. Impossible not to love.

11. Shrimp risotto with black rice: nutritious and with more fiber than the wholegrain option, black rice is a slightly more expensive ingredient, but it makes your dish much more special. The shrimp risotto with black rice still has the differential of the bisque sauce, made with onion, butter, shrimp broth and roux to thicken.

Shrimp risotto recipes

12. Shrimp risotto with zucchini: the more seasoned flavor and the more orange color of this risotto come from an incredible saffron broth. Another special touch of the recipe is the use of 2 medium zucchinis cut into small cubes.

13. Shrimp, ginger and orange risotto: some special occasions deserve a more elaborate recipe. This risotto here is made with giant shrimp and a flavor fragrant with ginger and orange juice. Great for a romantic dinner or Valentine’s Day celebration.

14. Shrimp risotto with tomato confit: the differential of this preparation is the tomato confit. For those who don’t know, it consists of a preserve made with roasted tomatoes, which can be used to accompany breadsticks, salads and even pasta. It goes very well with risotto.

15. Shrimp risotto with lemon and basil: although special, the shrimp risotto with lemon and basil does not present much difficulty. The ingredients are also easy to find: butter, shrimp, onion, garlic, arborio rice, dry white wine, vegetable broth, lemon, sour cream and seasonings.

16. Shrimp risotto with pumpkin: if you’re not the biggest fan of shrimp, know that you can modify the recipe according to your taste. Some possible substitutions are jerky, octopus or even sausage. An ingredient that makes a difference in this case is the Japanese pumpkin cut into cubes.

17. Black rice risotto with shrimp and arugula: ideal recipe to be prepared on those days when you have plenty of time. This is because the cooking of black rice takes much longer than the traditional white rice. The process consists of gradually adding shrimp broth, stirring constantly so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

18. Shrimp risotto with coconut and curry: are you ready for another explosion of flavors? So just imagine: in the same dish, all the delicacy of the shrimp, the spiced exoticism of the curry and the sweetness of the toasted coconut flakes, a very special touch.

19. Shrimp risotto with pesto sauce: pesto sauce, which is usually made with basil, olive oil and chestnuts, goes perfectly with meats, pasta and, yes, risotto. And, unlike the other versions we’ve seen so far, this one is made in the oven. How about testing at home?

20. Shrimp Risotto with Hazelnut: Fresh seafood, toasted hazelnuts and a reduction of pepper, water and sugar. A dish unlike anything you’ve ever tasted – and one that’s sure to be a big hit at that little dinner for two.

21. Shrimp risotto with hearts of palm: risotto is one of those dishes that warms the heart, both because it is creamy and because of all the care that goes into its preparation. The heart of palm, a special ingredient in this preparation, leaves everything balanced, without overshadowing the flavor of the shrimp.

22. Shrimp risotto with peas and herbs: this risotto with a refreshing twist will make your heart beat faster. The secret lies in the choice of seasonings used, including two sprigs of fresh basil and two sprigs of mint. Butter and cream cheese ensure the result is creamy, while the peas bring even more flavor.

23. Shrimp risotto with carrots: recipe to enjoy a little bit of everything you have in the fridge? Yea! Shrimps, rice, olive oil, onion, carrots, vegetable broth, a small glass of white wine, cream, butter and spices. All this together in a little food that looks like a gift to yourself.

Recipes with surprising combinations of shrimp risotto

24. Shrimp risotto with parma ham and melon: exquisite cuisine in your own kitchen! This recipe is inspired by a creation by chef Carla Pernambuco. Chic thing, see? As unusual as it may seem, the combination of shrimp with parma ham and cantaloupe melon is fantastic. Just experimenting to find out.

25. Shrimp, Bacon and Red Cabbage Risotto: Bacon goes with everything. Even with seafood. This mixture of fish and meat, by the way, is very common in many parts of the world. Let’s try? The first step to prepare this risotto is to let the red cabbage sauté for 40 minutes in a pan with water. The rest of the step by step can be found in the recipe.

26. Shrimp risotto with bacon and mango: practicality with a touch of sophistication. This is how we can define this risotto full of contrasts. The main flavor of the risotto itself is mango, while the prawns get a crispy bacon crust. Sprinkle with lemon zest for a finishing touch.

27. Shrimp risotto with squid: where are the lovers of those recipes that make a single pot dirty? Believe it or not, but here we have a great version! With shrimp, squid in rings and breaded whiting baits, this risotto looks exquisite, but it’s pure practicality when making it.

28. Shrimp Risotto with Brie: We love cheese, we love shrimp. So, total passion for this dish. For an even tastier result, it is recommended that you make your own vegetable stock, without using those that are already ready – and they are full of preservatives. Cherry tomatoes are a differentiator.

29. Artichoke Shrimp Risotto: Is this where you asked for a risotto that didn’t require a long time in front of the stove? Here’s the alternative: oven! With a delicate flavor, this dish combines chicken broth, artichokes, shrimp and lemon zest. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

30. Shrimp risotto with mascarpone: cheese with a creamy consistency, mascarpone can be made at home or bought in supermarkets. The ingredient is added to the recipe when the rice is al dente. Soon after the prawns must be incorporated.

31. Shrimp and crayfish risotto: neither large shrimp nor small lobster. Crayfish is an equally delicious crustacean, but with its own characteristics. In this recipe, they are prepared in parallel with the risotto, sautéed in onion, butter and leek. Fantastic.

Did any of these recipes suit your taste? We hope so. Be sure to check out these other 55 risotto recipes to impress in the kitchen.

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