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30 short LOVE POEMS to send to your loved one


Nothing better to rescue your romanticism than a love poem!

Every woman likes to feel special. If you would like to make your loved one happy and full of love for you, be sure to send her these beautiful love poems that come from the depths of your heart. If you’re looking for such beautiful and poetic words, keep scrolling down because you’ve come to the right place ❤

30 short LOVE POEMS to send to your loved one

♥ As the nectar fills the flower, giving sustenance to the bee, I need you every hour, to give me your love.

♥ If I write you a love letter, will you respond in a day or two? Will you scribble kind words in soft, wavy ink? Will you seal it with your pretty pink lips?

♥ When I can’t express my love with words, look into my eyes and you’ll find an infinite true love that I can’t vocalize.

♥ My love is a promise, an unbreakable bond. I will always love you.


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♥ As bees love honey and flowers love the sun, I love you my dear, you are everything to me.

♥ It was a chance meeting, it was supposed to be just another silly conversation, nothing more than a moment. Now my heart, my very soul, cannot forget that hug.

♥ When I’m on the floor, you lift me up. When I’m hurting, you make me feel good. Your love is an antidote and I need this cure.

♥ If time could slow its relentless march when we’re together and speed up its slow pace when we’re apart, I could spend an eternity in your arms, to taste the eternal love in my heart.

♥ My joy is complete when I am with you. Our time is sweet and our love is true.

♥ To feel your warm hands on my face, to hug you with love, to kiss your lips with passion and very slowly, I would give everything and ask time to stop just a little bit.

♥ My compass points to you, and all roads lead me home. I always find you waiting for me, no matter where I am.


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♥ Your smile never fails to move me. Your touch takes my breath away. You speak, and I am abducted from this world, to a place where love is immortal. My joy is complete when I am with you.

♥ I’m so in love I can’t even see straight. Now, how can life be anything other than that? Finding you was always my destiny.

♥ To win her, I gave my all. After all, you are worth everything. Our trophy is love, which I will keep forever.

♥ My love for you is an intense desire. I’ve never loved like this before. And I will love you deeply, truly, now and forever.

♥ Your love waters my soul, feeds my being, keeps me alive.


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♥ Your hands held me, stroked my hair, touched me gently, showed that you care about me. His lips kissed me, brushed my cheek, tasted my tears, strengthened me.

♥ I live just for you. Only his lips fit mine well. I need your love exclusively. His matchless love is divine.

♥ Our love is an interpretation, notes played softly, a rebirth of peace. Sometimes it is a thunderous symphony, played with passion, a masterpiece of God.

♥ Our future is a present to be discovered, full of unimaginable treasures. It is a book to be read, filled with all the pleasures of life.

♥ If I were a bird or a thrush or a jay, I would fly to your house and serenade you all day.

♥ Tonight, look up and see the moon. I’m looking too and will be with you soon.


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♥ When the stars are bright and the moon is full, it’s a sign that our river of love will be flowing.

♥ Like a river to the sea, bring your sweet love to me.

♥ Our love is sweet, but at the same time with a salty touch. It’s the best balance. We complete each other.

♥ You complete me.

♥ You whisper soft love with lips that live to call me. And I can’t live without you even for a second.

♥ How many days have we been in love? How many secrets have we shared? How many wishes have not yet come true? How many wonders will I still live with you?

♥ I knew you were there, but I didn’t know your name. I called for you, but you didn’t show up. I knew it was you, but I didn’t know your face. Then my soul recognized you; our souls embraced and today I know it’s you, the love of my life.

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