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30 quiche recipes that will take you to food paradise

A dish present in bakeries, the quiche is an open pie with a creamy filling that can migrate to your kitchen table. Its flavor is unique and the filling can take the most varied ingredients – just let your creativity run wild when preparing it.

To make this moment easier, you will check out a list of the 30 best quiche recipes, ranging from the most traditional to the different and full of flavor!

simple quiche recipes

1. Chicken Quiche: A traditional chicken quiche that is simple to make. The filling is delicious and the dough promises to melt in your mouth. The tip is to serve this dish at Christmas, but it is welcome on any occasion!

2. Chicken fricassee quiche: you know that classic fricassee recipe with a top-notch corn cream? The purpose of this quiche is to use this delicacy as a filling! For the cream, you will need canned corn, sour cream, curd, garlic, onion, shredded chicken, cheese, salt and pepper. Irresistible!

3. Quiche caprese: this caprese version has a filling of cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, buffalo mozzarella and basil – in addition to eggs, cream, salt and pepper. The dough, which is extremely light, uses a mixture of white and whole wheat flour. Delicious and no secret in the preparation!

4. Quiche with raw ham and caramelized onions: the secret of this quiche is the striking flavor that results from the caramelized onions with demerara sugar and sage leaves. In addition, the combination of the sweetness of the onion with the touch of balsamic vinegar and raw ham bring an intriguing peculiarity to the dish. The flavors are different, but the preparation is simple!

5. Quiche Lorraine: it’s time for the very traditional quiche Lorraine! With perhaps the easiest filling to make, this recipe only needs eggs, bacon, gruyere cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. The preparation needs only 30 minutes in the oven, and the tip is to consume the quiche in a maximum of 3 days so it doesn’t get spongy.

6. Zucchini Quiche: The underrated zucchini is the star of this delicious quiche! You just need to sauté the chopped zucchini with onion, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and then add the mixture to the eggs and cream. Ah, this recipe has a more than special touch of nutmeg, which guarantees an unforgettable flavor.

7. Onion Quiche: extremely easy to make, the recipe has a filling in which the onion is the main star. The tip is to add slices of 3 types of onion to ensure a variety of flavors – in this case, red, white and yellow onions were used. Just sauté the slices with salt and pepper. Then just make the cream with eggs, cream, milk and salt and mix everything over the dough.

8. Palm heart quiche: everyone knows that palm heart is the darling of pies. In a quiche with an impeccable rotten dough, the ingredient stands out even more! Check out the step-by-step guide for a perfect dish that can be served on any occasion.

9. Spinach Quiche with Sun-Dried Tomatoes: An irresistible option that contains nothing of animal origin – it pleases vegans and those with dietary restrictions. For the filling you just need spinach, tofu, onion, sun-dried tomato, garlic, salt, curry powder and black pepper. For the dough, use chickpea flour, sunflower oil and salt. The result is light and tasty!

10. Arugula Quiche with Sun-Dried Tomatoes: another version with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, but this time it’s the classic combination with Arugula. In this case, however, eggs are added to the dough, which promises impeccable creaminess and softness. It is mouthwatering!

11. Leek Quiche: Leek is a very common filling in quiches. No wonder: its flavor brings an unspeakable touch to the dish. With this recipe, you will learn how to make small quiches – the size of empadinhas – which allows you to serve them even at special celebrations.

12. Bacon Potato Quiche: If your desire is to make guests gasp, the Bacon Potato Quiche is the best option. The preparation is super-fast: just make the dough with butter and flour and a filling with grated potatoes, bacon and onions.

13. Baked Eggplant Quiche: Eggplant lovers will be delighted with this magnificent recipe! You just need to put the eggplant cubes in the oven along with the onion, garlic, rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper. The process takes just 20 minutes and then you just need to mix the filling with the traditional quiche cream over the shortcrust pastry and bake it all in one go.

14. Spinach ricotta quiche: it’s obvious that ricotta couldn’t be missing, right? And this recipe is so easy that even the least skilled can make it. Just mix the sautéed spinach with ricotta garlic until it forms a cream. Then just add it all together with a beaten egg. This version results in two small quiches, but you can make one in a larger size.

15. Spinach Gorgonzola Quiche: As you can see, spinach is being increasingly valued in quiches. In this one, by uniting it with gorgonzola, we have a DIVINE result. Everyone likes cheese, and as much as gorgonzola is a little strong for some palates, the mixtures and seasonings bring softness to the flavor.

Special quiche recipes

16. Vegan Broccoli Quiche: A vegan quiche with an irresistible flavor and simple preparation? We love it! The list of ingredients is quite extensive, which can scare the unsuspecting, but for sure you will enjoy the dish until the last forkful!

17. Shrimp quiche: it’s time for a favorite among seafood lovers. This quiche combines the special flavor of shrimp with egg cream and crispy dough. The process can be more complicated, but the result is from the gods!

18. Quiche without zucchini dough: you didn’t read that wrong. This quiche doesn’t have the usual rotten dough. You just need to pour the stuffing, made of zucchini, eggs, sour cream, cheese and various seasonings, in a greased form and bake for 35 minutes. Different but delicious.

19. Quiche without broccoli dough and buffalo mozzarella: another option without dough, but this time with an unmissable broccoli filling. You can add whatever ingredient you want, but the tip is to prioritize foods that do not release water so as not to harm the consistency of the quiche.

20. Cod quiche: a recipe from the gods for those who love Portuguese cuisine! The stuffing with creamy cod is amazing and can please the most varied palates. Season the cod with leeks, olives, black pepper, salt and nutmeg and add it to the eggs and cream. Perfection in the form of a plate!

21. Gluten-free low carb quiche: a healthier version, this quiche will take you to paradise with its flavor. The flour used in the dough is almond flour, and the filling has a perfect combination of smoked tenderloin and leek. Besides, of course, the delicious cream of eggs, cream, black pepper and nutmeg.

22. Mushroom, onion and butter quiche: butter makes any dish tastier and creamier, but remember to use a good quality one. The stuffing in this recipe, made with onion and funghi, is a must!

23. Zucchini, coalho cheese and champignon quiche: champignon fans will love this recipe! It is very easy to do: saute the mushrooms and zucchini with onion and garlic. Then, combine the sautéed in a cream made with eggs, curd cheese, sour cream and parmesan. Just pour it all over the dough and put it in the oven!

24. Wholemeal Pumpkin, Smoked Ricotta, and Pistachio Quiche: A super-curious, mouth-watering combination! The pistachio brings a different touch and the union with the other ingredients enhance the quiche. The dough is made with wholemeal flour, which gives it incredible lightness!

25. Artichoke with leek quiche: the artichoke is not an ingredient often used in our recipes – it, by name alone, represents a certain refinement and we often prefer not to use it. However, this recipe proves that it goes great in a quiche made with leeks. Follow the step by step and innovate in the kitchen!

26. Vegetable quiche with wholemeal dough: with a wholemeal dough that melts in your mouth, this quiche is healthy and promises to take you to heaven. The filling is the merit of a combination of vegetables – broccoli, pumpkin, yellow pepper – with eggs, corn and cheese. Just sauté all the vegetables with onion, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Unmissable, isn’t it?

27. Gruyère cheese and asparagus quiche: check out the step-by-step of this extremely elegant recipe that deserves to be on your table. It is a great option to show off your culinary skills (since its preparation, despite the name being a little scary, is quite simple) at that meeting with friends or family.

28. Meat quiche with Neapolitan filling: this quiche is made with a meat “dough”, so you can already expect a very different and interesting flavor. The filling is made up of tomato, mozzarella or canasta cheese, parmesan, sour cream and basil.

29. Turkey Breast Quiche with Pineapple: Can you imagine that this very curious combination could become the quiche of your dreams? Pineapple adds a sweet touch to a predominantly salty dish. But rest assured: the flavor is delicate and pleases any palate!

With all these quiche options, it’s easy to please everyone around you. Have you already chosen your favorite?

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