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30 pictures of hairstyles for beautiful and stylish wavy hair

These hairstyle inspirations for wavy hair are perfect for a special occasion or to get away from the routine. Check out some cute ideas and tutorials to try at home.


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30 pictures of hairstyles for wavy hair for you to rock any occasion

Wavy hair makes hairstyles even prettier. It shapes the face and creates a wonderful effect. Find out which one suits you best:


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1. These hairstyles for wavy hair will blow your mind

2. They are charming

3. And can be done in many ways

4. It can be more classic

5. Or have a more modern proposal

6. A simple ponytail can be done in many ways

7. He will be your best friend from day to day

8. How about making 2 tails and getting this cute look?

9. You can tie it on top to look really imposing

10. The semi-prisoners are also successful

11. A bow is a sure-fire choice for a delicate hairstyle

12. This idea is very versatile and goes with any outfit

13. After all, the bun is the perfect choice for lazy days

14. Accessories will enhance your hairstyle even more

15. Be with a beautiful crown

16. Or with beaded lashings

17. This hairstyle can be worn casually or at a party

18. How about pinning the bangs? So you will value your beauty

19. Look how a simple tail creates a frame for the face

20. To take this hairstyle up a notch, include a scrumchie

21. Side cornrows create a fun look

22. And if you’re a fan of braids, be sure to try this version

23. This easy hairstyle any woman can do

24. Make your look more stylish with a scarf or bandana

25. Look how incredible this proposal for those with short hair

26. This is a great idea to innovate on a daily basis

27. Leaving some strands loose creates a very charming result

28. Regardless of your choice

29. You’ll rock these hairstyle suggestions

30. After all, you deserve a neat production

Now just put these beautiful ideas into practice. And to save money and not depend on the salon, check out the following tutorials on how to do your hairstyle.

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How to make hairstyles for wavy hair

It will be easier to produce if you follow these tutorials. How about following the step by step and testing it right now? Check it out!

easy hairstyles

How about starting with some easier hairstyle versions? They are ideal for those who still don’t have much practice with highlights. Here you will find 3 different options, between side ponytail and semi-up.

Hairstyles for wavy hair 2C and 2B

If you have this type of hair, you will rock the preparation of these hairstyles. They aren’t too difficult to make and are perfect for you to change your hair into your routine.

half-up hairstyle

The semi-studs are a classic and very versatile. In this video you will find 3 different ways to fasten them. They are a great choice for a fancy event or a wedding.

hairstyles with bun

The bun will save you on days when your hair is not so defined. Just throw everything up and fasten in a stylish way. In addition to being very practical, it looks beautiful and can be done easily. Check out 2 different ways to create it.

Now it’s easier to innovate the look or prepare for a big event. And if you want some more ideas for getting ready at home, check out these other step-by-step hairstyle options.

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