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30 phrases of trust in God to surrender your life in His hands

Trust, give thanks and rest. God takes care of us. He always takes care of everything.

Revive your trust in God at every moment and even more in the hour of trials.

At all times, I trust in God. In what I do, I think of God. With whom I live, I love God. Where I go, I go with God. In what happens, God does the best. Everything I have is God’s blessing.

Chico Xavier

Trust God, keep your head up, and most importantly, be happy in your own way.

I surrender all my plans to God and trust him!

We don’t know what can happen all of a sudden, but we can trust the God who makes it all happen.

Of all the choices I make in my life, the best one is trusting God.

You don’t see tomorrow, but the Lord does. Trust him!

I don’t know what I do, where I stay: I’m very afraid, but I trust in God.

Caio Fernando Abreu

My strength comes from the trust I have in the Father.

Put God at the center of everything, trust Him and watch the change take place in you.

Trust in God is to go ahead, without relying on what you see, until you see what is expected of Him.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose trust is the Lord.

Jeremiah 17:7

Trusting God is asking that His will be done even if it doesn’t coincide with yours. It is to be aware of all His power and wisdom of it. It’s not fearing the unexpected, knowing that He always knows what He does and does everything out of love for each of His children.

In God I have put my trust; I will not fear what man can do to me.

Psalms 56:11

Trusting God is the art of walking on water and not sinking.

I trust God and God trusts me.

It is trust in God that keeps you going when circumstances conspire against you.

Despite the storm, I know I can always trust God.

And even if the world is collapsing, keep believing that God is able to give you the best of this earth. Sometimes our best is not God’s best.

Trusting God is not just having the courage to climb the mountains, it is also being resilient when crossing the valleys.

Surrender, trust and thank God.

Trust God in every moment of your life. Not just the good ones, but the bad ones too.

Worrying in everyday life reflects how much we don’t truly trust God.

Trust the change God can make in you!

Hold on to God’s hand and walk without fear. Trust in Him is able to protect you from all the dangers of life’s road.

The most beautiful thing about believing, trusting, worshiping and surrendering everything in God’s hands is that we come to live the project that He designed for us!

You can do anything you want, just trust in God.

Make God your best friend and trust Him with everything.

Put your trust in God and you will never be disappointed by Him.

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