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30 photos of francesinha smile to play in this trend

The smile francesinha is one of the variations of the traditional French and has become a fever among women, as it makes the nails incredibly stylish. Whether in white, colored or decorated, this nail art guarantees beautiful and charming hands. Check out beautiful photos for inspiration and tutorials to do at home below!

30 photos of francesinha smile to innovate in nail art

The selection of photos below proves the versatility of this francesinha. Here’s how you can use creativity to make sensational decorations:

1. The francesinha smile is an explosion of beauty

2. It leaves your hands dazzling

3. And it suits all styles and personalities

4. You can add stones

5. Create different decorations

6. Decorate one of the nails with red ribbons

7. Or make your favorite design

8. In addition to the traditional white French

9. You can do it with other neutral colors

10. This francesinha looks good on dancer nails

11. Just like the oval shape

12. And also on the square filed nails

13. Another option is to make the triple smile francesinha

14. Or paint it a more vibrant color

15. In addition, it is possible to make francesinha smile on the foot

16. It is very delicate and charming

17. How about adding rhinestones to give it an extra touch?

18. You can make amazing decorations

19. And bet on pastel colors

20. But if you prefer, add a lot of glitter

21. The francesinha smile on the shortest nail is beautiful

22. Even more so when a themed nail art is done

23. You can opt for the finest francesinha

24. Or make it thick and striking, as in this idea

25. Draw a stroke to highlight the nail art

26. Or add stones to give your nails more glamor

27. How about combining your favorite colors?

28. Or decorate the French with colorful sequins?

29. The possibilities are diverse, aren’t they?

30. So, just let your imagination run wild and increase the smile francesinha!

Did you like the amazing selection of nails with francesinha smile? Now, just watch the videos below and do it yourself!

How to make a smile francesinha

Next, check out the videos to learn how to make francesinha in different styles and decorations to enhance your enamelling:

Frenchie smile on short nails

The smile francesinha looks very charming on short nails, being possible to make it thinner and very delicate. Watch the step-by-step video and check out infallible tips to have a perfect finish!

Frenchie smile on gel nails

Gel stretching is one of the most used techniques and promotes a very natural finish on the nails. In this video, you will see how to apply the gel and create a permanent French smile!

French smile with rhinestones

In this video, nail designer Juju teaches how to make this nail art with rhinestones. It is a quick and practical decoration, but it guarantees a very sophisticated result. Watch!

Francesinha smile candy colors

Candy colors decorated nails have become a trend and can also be made to decorate the francesinha. So, watch the tutorial, see how to make a delicate and fun nail polish!

Frenchie colorful smile

The decoration presented in this video is perfect for those who love colorful nails! Watch the tutorial and learn how to make the French smile with your favorite colors!

Now, all you have to do is choose the decoration that most closely matches your style, match that powerful look and look great on any occasion! If you love to follow trends in the nail world, enjoy and check out ideas for nails encapsulated with glitter, a technique that combines beauty, sophistication and durability!

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