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30 Passionate Lemon Cake Recipes You Can Make Today

Lemon cake is a recipe that, for most people, refers to family memories: more specifically, afternoon snacks at grandma’s house! Is not it?! Therefore, many people say that, like other simple cakes (orange, carrot, cornmeal, etc.), lemon cake has the taste and smell of childhood!

It’s a type of cake that usually pleases because it’s light and usually not as sweet as other cakes and desserts, being an excellent accompaniment to a good black coffee… Whether it’s a full breakfast or an afternoon snack!

The fact that it is not so sweet is a characteristic that comes exactly from the use of lemon, which, with its sour flavor, marries perfectly with ingredients such as sugar or condensed milk, commonly used in cakes.

When making the lemon cake, although there are “standard recipes”, there are no rules (apart from the use of lemon, of course!) even those intended for people who have some dietary restriction (for example, who do not consume gluten, lactose or sugar). Get inspired by the ideas below!

simple recipes

1. Simple lemon cake: it’s light, fluffy, moist… It’s the ideal recipe for those who love desserts with a sour touch. Not to mention that the preparation is very simple and most of the ingredients, of course, you already have at home!

2. Easy Lemon Cake: It has the delicate flavor of lemon and is not cloying at all. You will want to eat several pieces! The recipe is simple and quick to make.

3. Quick lemon cake: a practical recipe in which you will basically use sugar, butter, wheat flour, eggs, baking powder and lemon. Then, the tip is to melt a semi-sweet chocolate and pour it on top.

4. Lemon Blender Cake: Easy to make, this cake is also economical. A great choice for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Not to mention the lemon sugar “crust” is amazing!

5. Two lemons cake: it’s fluffy, tasty and very easy to make. It’s a super basic dough with lemon zest and a quick-to-prepare frosting of condensed milk with lemon juice.

6. Light lemon cake: as the name suggests, the result is a delicious and light cake. You will need eggs, sugar, sour cream, lemon, wheat flour and yeast. On top, you can use a generous layer of Nutella.

7. Green lemon cake: a delicious and beautiful cake, which can be served cold. You will only use eggs, oil, plain yogurt, lemon gelatin, lemon cake mix, cake baking powder, condensed milk and tahiti lemon.

8. Lemon cake with lemon syrup: a simple and tasty cake. The recipe does not yield a large cake and it is very thin. Even so, you shouldn’t leave it in the oven for too long!

9. Lemon cake with icing: a simple but tasty version that mixes sweet and sour, guaranteeing the ideal flavor. Soft, the cake is covered with frosting, it is very consistent and moist. But, it is worth noting, it is not a fluffy and light cake, it is more “heavy”.

10. Lemon cake with creamy frosting: one of those mouth-watering cakes. For the dough you will need eggs, oil, milk, vanilla essence, lemon, wheat flour, sugar and baking powder. For the topping, you will use condensed milk, lemon and sour cream.

11. “Suga Mama” lemon cake: a simple cake to make and a great option for an afternoon snack, accompanied by a freshly brewed coffee. You will only need butter, flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, eggs and lemons.

12. Lemon cake in the pot: a very practical suggestion to serve a cake, whether at a birthday party, at a picnic or after a special lunch, for example. It has a beautiful presentation and is easy to transport.

13. Simple Sicilian lemon cake: a simple and delicious cake, ideal to accompany a cup of coffee. The frosting is made with icing sugar, juice and lemon zest.

14. Fluffy Sicilian Lemon Cake: To make this flavorful and beautiful cake, you will need Sicilian lemons, butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, milk, chemical baking powder, Sicilian lemon zest, icing sugar and yellow dye.

15. Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting: for the dough, you will need wheat flour, yeast, baking soda, salt, oil, sugar, egg, natural yogurt and lemon. The cream is made with cream cheese, sugar, egg and more Sicilian lemon.

16. Sicilian lemon cake with buttermilk: despite being a more complex recipe, it pays off, as it results in a fluffy, light and delicious cake. The recipe yields a lot, so if the goal is to make a cake just for the afternoon snack, for example, you can bet on half the recipe!

17. Sicilian lemon cake with lemon cloves: a fluffy, beautiful and full of flavors cake. You will basically need butter, sugar, eggs, natural full-fat yogurt, Sicilian lemon and clove lemon.

18. Lemon-lime cake: simple to make, this cake uses orange, Galician lemon, eggs, oil, wheat flour, sugar, chemical baking powder, plus more lemon and icing sugar for the syrup.

19. Lemon Greek Yogurt Cake: Perfectly fluffy, airy, light and yummy. Of those who make you want to eat everything at once, without leaving a single piece! The preparation is simple and the tip is to eat this cake accompanied by a good coffee.

20. Lemon cake with coconut milk: a delicious cake that gets a special touch from the use of coconut milk in the dough. In addition to him and lemon, you’ll need butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, cornstarch, chemical yeast, plus condensed milk and more coconut milk for the topping.

21. Lemon rosemary cake: in addition to the main ingredients, the recipe uses eggs, butter, sugar, wheat flour, whole milk, buttermilk and salt. The syrup is simply made with sugar and Sicilian lemon.

22. Lemongrass and lemongrass cake: lemongrass is the same as lemongrass or lemongrass. It’s that long “grass” that has an incredible smell, which is exactly what makes this cake different. An easy recipe to prepare, but which results in a delicious cake.

elaborate recipes

23. Lemon cake with blackberry and cream cheese filling: different, refreshing and beautiful, to rock any special occasion! The recipe is long, but interestingly, it’s easy to make, so it’s worth the risk!

24. Lemon mousse cake: light, moist, beautiful and tasty, this cake is a naked cake that requires special care in the preparation, but it results in a charming dessert, ideal to be served at birthday parties, lunches or special dinners.

25. Lemon gelatin cake: to make this cake that has a different texture and color, you will use natural yogurt, oil, eggs, lemon flavored gelatin (without dissolving), wheat flour, baking powder, condensed milk, Sicilian lemon or tahiti, drops of green food coloring and sugar.

26. Lemon Chia and Cream Cheese Cake: For the dough, you will need butter, sugar, eggs, lemon, wheat flour, chia seeds, Greek yogurt and yeast. For the topping, use cream cheese, sugar, lemon and Greek yogurt.

27. Pink Lemonade Cake: different, beautiful and tasty. The combination of raspberry and Sicilian lemon, although it seems unusual, is incredible. And the result of this recipe is a very fluffy Sicilian lemon dough, with a lemon curd filling made from yolks mixed with homemade raspberry jam and, topping, made with raspberry buttercream.

Restrictive income

28. Lemon cake in gluten, milk, egg and soy: to make this cake that caters to different audiences, you will use linseed flour, water, lemon, demerara sugar, almonds and Brazil nuts, oil, rice flour, starch of corn and powdered chemical yeast.

29. Gluten-free and lactose-free Sicilian lemon cake: it is rather complicated to replace wheat flour in cakes, as it is precisely the gluten that gives texture and softness to a cake or bread. But in this recipe, mixing rice flour and cornstarch, you get an interesting result, a fluffy and tasty cake.

30. Vegan lemon cake: the dough is made with wheat flour, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, water, lemon juice, lemon zest, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. And for the icing you will need icing sugar, coconut milk and more lemon zest.

31. Vegan lemon fluffy cake: delicious, the recipe uses wheat flour, organic sugar, vegetable oil, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla extract, white vinegar, vegetable milk, lemon and salt.

32. Lemon diet cake: sugar is replaced by the culinary sweetener sucralose. In addition to it, you will use eggs, low-fat yogurt, oat bran, powdered milk, yeast and lemons.

Regardless of whether the recipe is simple or more elaborate, betting on lemon cake is a guarantee of success for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack! Choose your favorite recipe option and “hands on”!

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