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30 lilac nail polish inspirations that express all the delicacy of this tone

Lilac enamel is one that can be combined in multiple ways and always maintains a delicate tone. Ranging from dark to light, from decorated to glittery nails, from trendy to simple ones, check out 30 inspirations to use today:

30 photos of nails with lilac nail polish to fall in love with

Follow the 30 lilac nail polish inspirations and choose your favorite to rock any occasion!

1. Lilac nail polish is a classic

2. It suits all nail shapes

3. From the super elegant gradient

4. Aces with colored glitter

5. It complements the multicolored ones very well

6. Yes, it’s a perfect color!

7. In addition to always being a success

8. The lighter tones bring out all the softness

9. With a touch of tie dye

10. A trend that is here to stay

11. Also, the dark lilac nail polish is sensational

12. With incredible proposals

13. Interspersing with fun prints

14. There are other cuter options

15. And those with all the actuality

16. Have you ever thought of a red and lilac geometric?

17. This Powerful Is Beautiful Too

18. Lilac nail polish collects praise

19. Not to mention the bluish lilac

20. Pastel lilac also comes with everything

21. Just like greyish lilac

22. Rock your decorated nails

23. Which conquer

24. And dare

25. Be on a holographic inspiration

26. Or in a delicate gradient

27. All options are breath-taking

28. Not just for the charm

29. But also for the versatility

30. To have wonderfully polished nails

After seeing these inspirations, who was also eager to invest in a lilac nail polish? With that in mind, we prepared the next topic with nail polish tips to buy.

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The best lilac nail polishes

We separate some nail polishes from brands that we love and that can be found easily, for you to rock your nails in shades of lilac!


  • Lilac Sky Gel Enamel: glitter gel nail polish, which can last up to 10 days and is the first step of enamelling. Then apply the Top Coat Gel Effect Enamel to achieve the long-lasting gel effect indicated by the brand.
  • All Produced Enamel: the line “What’s your vibe?” brings 12 new and beautiful colors of creamy texture nail polishes. This lilac is Toda Produced, which came to rock!


  • California Ice Cream Purple Springs enamel: the nuances of this enamel are super delicate, referring to cotton candy and ice cream in lilac tones. Its colors are inspired by the sweet feeling of being in California.
  • Surprise Grape Enamel: another shade with the super delicate and charming proposal, which is very wild – combining with artistic nails and everyday ones. It’s also great to apply on your toenails, if you like those light nuances, but full of power.


  • Lavender Alma Enamel: enamel with a soft and elegant tone, to use on feet and hands. Combine it with floral elements in white, for example, or just your color is amazing!
  • Lavender Marshmallow Enamel: in the shade of bluish lilac, this creamy nail polish from Risqué emphasizes the delicacy. It is very versatile and can complete the color chart in multicolored nails that are you!
  • impala

    • Zaz Nail Polish: the Zaz color corresponds to a classic lilac, with a creamy texture and light coverage, but at the same time effective for you to parade around with incredibly beautiful nails.
    • Esmalte Link na BioDiversidade: this nail polish is part of Impala’s spring/summer collection. A cheerful tone, which suggests a reconnection with nature and brings a lot of softness, in addition to being beautiful!
    • Even before enamelling, some tips are essential to have perfect nails, such as investing in hydration and daily care! So you guarantee not only the beauty, but also the health of your nails.

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