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30 butterfly makeup pictures that will give you wings to create

If you like artistic makeup, you need to venture out with these butterfly makeup inspirations. This significant animal is even more beautiful with different types of traits and colors. You can use it at a party, to produce or to innovate. Check out some ideas and tutorials at the end of the article.

30 butterfly makeup pictures that will create a beautiful transformation

You will be enchanted by these butterfly makeup options. Just choose the one that best suits your style, something very minimalist or a more extravagant production. It has something for everyone!

1. Butterfly makeup is a true work of art

2. It can be done on the whole face

3. Or focus the drawing on the eyes

4. The styles are quite varied

5. But she doesn’t go unnoticed

6. Especially if it’s full of sparkles and colors

7. It doesn’t take much for her to make an impact

8. Even with dark tones it looks amazing

9. There are some options for those who don’t have a lot of brush skills

10. Like this outline made with shiny pebbles

11. Or this simpler version

12. You can dare with an innovative trait

13. Or create the design with smoky eyeshadow only

14. Capriche in the eyelashes to allude to the wings

15. Even a gothic makeup can be created with this cute animal

16. There’s no denying that she looks stunning in color

17. How about making only one wing in one eye?

18. This ugly idea is really cool and fun

19. If you want something more artistic, bet on a bigger butterfly

20. After all, she looks beautiful covering her entire face

21. It’s a great option for a costume party

22. Be sure to make a powerful eyeliner to impact the look

23. You can add some real butterflies to your production

24. This wealth of detail is breathtaking

25. Blue butterfly makeup has no mistake

26. Are you going to skip carnival? Just play this combination

27. Create a gradient with the shadows

28. He represents the butterfly wings very well

29. Regardless of style

30. Butterfly makeup is charming

This amazing makeup is worth trying. With it, you can unleash your creativity with wonderful designs and colors. How about picking up the brushes and starting to produce?

How to do butterfly makeup

If you already want to try this amazing make-up, just follow the tutorials below. Find your favorite style and venture into this production:

Butterfly makeup with eyeliner

If you already have an eyeliner at home, you already have what you need to create the strokes of this butterfly. It is made around the eyes and has a special finish with white dots that give an extra charm.

Diagonal butterfly makeup

In this version, the butterfly is created diagonally, making the look more impactful. You don’t need to be so precise with the eyeliner, as the lines can be corrected with a brush. After creating the design, just have fun coloring the spaces.

Butterfly makeup for carnival

Makeup will be the main element of your carnival outfit. She has a very different proposal, with a very modern eye and half a wing on each side. And of course, for this party, you can’t miss a lot of color and glitter.

artistic butterfly makeup

Want something more impactful? Artistic makeup is the right choice. It creates a butterfly that is larger and richer in detail. Its wing is colored with a beautiful smoky gradient that goes from white to blue. You can even venture into yet another version of the butterfly made on the neck and shoulders.

With so many cool ideas, you can test different types and proposals. And if you love animal-themed makeup, check out these kitty makeup ideas too.

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