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30 blue short hair ideas to surprise with a lot of style

Want to change the look? These short blue hair ideas will convince you to transform your strands right now. You can vary the shades of blue or the model of the cut. In other words, the possibilities are many! The result is beautiful, cool and modern. Choose the combination that you like the most and play with this idea!

1. The short blue hair will win your heart

2. It looks great in softer tones

3. Or also with a more closed color

4. If you prefer, mix the two and create a beautiful gradient

5. You can choose a more delicate proposal

6. Or a darker blue short hair version

7. A chanel cut is beautiful and modern

8. But you can dare even more with scissors

9. The straight cut is in fashion and looks very modern

10. A well shredded pixie oozes personality

11. After all, this cut is practical and versatile

12. Blue short hair can vary according to your style

13. Just choose one that suits you

14. You can leave the root with its natural color

15. Or paint it blue completely

16. Looks great with a short fringe in the front

17. Or with a side fringe

18. This hair is beautiful for everyday life

19. In addition to combining with a more complete production

20. Choose a layered and relaxed cut

21. Or a smooth and elegant version

22. Create a different effect with lighter ends

23. Or choose a different shade of blue

24. The darkest blue is ideal for those who want to be more discreet

25. But light tones are just as perfect

26. Short blue hair suits those who love to innovate

27. And it will boost your self-esteem

28. Short blue hair is irresistible, isn’t it?

29. So take a chance and jump into this change

30. Because she will make you even more beautiful!

Now just book an appointment at the beauty salon and transform your highlights! And to keep your short blue hair with a beautiful and vibrant color, check out some tips on using blue toner and knock it out!

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