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30 Best Good Night Messages for Your Husband or Boyfriend


How about being the last thought of your love’s day?!

Have you been looking for good night messages to send to your husband or boyfriend and show how much you love him? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We have separated the 30 best good night messages for you to be inspired and declare your love at the end of the day.

You can also leave these romantic good morning messages for whatsapp separated to send first thing in the morning and be his first thought of the day, how about that?

Best Good Night Messages for Your Husband or Boyfriend

1. All I wanted most now was to hug you tight and kiss you good night.

two. The best thing I ever did in my life was give my heart to you… thank you for being in my life. Goodnight!!

3. God sent you into my life to show me that true love exists. You are my greatest gift. I love you good night!

3. You are the only one in my life. Always know this! Goodnight!

4. Good night to the most amazing person… I call him Husband!

5. The best feeling for me is when I look at you and you’re already looking at me.

6. My love, you are the sweetest of dreams.

7. When you hold me I feel a great peace and all my worries go away. Goodnight!

8. As bad as your day was, remember that I am the woman whose only dream is to fulfill all her dreams. Goodnight.

9. I don’t want to turn this night into day because I want to be in your arms as long as possible. Goodnight!

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10. Nothing about this is beautiful than your face, nothing is better than your loving touch and I want to say that I love you so much. Goodnight!!

11. The night is beautiful and lovely, just because you are by my side. Goodnight Sweetheart.

12. I want to be the one who will make your dreams come true. Goodnight!!

13. I don’t care if night doesn’t turn into day, as long as I can be in your arms… looking forward to another day together with you. Good night my Dear.

14. I wish the moon is always full and bright and you are always beautiful just the way you are. Remember that I love you very much. Goodnight!

15. Good night, sweet dreams, love and peace to my beautiful!

16. Good night and sleep well. I will be dreaming of you. I love you!

17. Hope you have the sweetest dream tonight. Goodnight!

18. Your hugs make me feel peace and my worries go away. I miss feeling your heat. Goodnight love!

Short good night messages for your boyfriend or husband

19. Do you want to know who I’ll always be in love with?? Read the first word again… Good Evening <3

20 You’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me. Goodnight.

21. You make me more in love with you every day… Good night!

22. When I’m with you, I feel safe.

23. The night may be dark, but my dreams are always bright with you!

24. All my problems go away when I’m in your arms at night. Miss you here!

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25. The night may be dark, but just thinking about you makes everything brighter.

26. Good night to the man who is everything to me. I feel blessed to be his wife.

27. Every night I feel grateful to be married to a man who accepts my past, fixes my present and brightens my future. Goodnight Sweetheart.

28. My entire day, whether morning, noon or night, passes easily because you are on my mind all the time. Goodnight!!

29. Falling asleep in your arms makes me feel stronger. You are my “safe harbour. Goodnight.

30. Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life. I can’t wait for morning. Goodnight love.


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