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3 hair masks that are really worth the investment

Hair is very fine structures attached to the skin (scalp) that grow an average of 1.5 cm per month and need some care to stay healthy.

According to dermatologist Leila Wiesner, a hair specialist at the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, no artificial way of accelerating the hair growth process has yet been proven, while external treatment products such as masks – industrialized or not – are of great help. to maintain the shine and health of the hair.

Hair strands are basically made up of protein (keratin) and are surrounded by the secretion of sebaceous glands. A certain oiliness is essential for the hair, it lubricates the strands protecting them from aggressions, it is also responsible for the shine.

Due to the nature of keratin, the hair can be straightened or curled if it is still wetted to a solid structure, remaining in the desired shape after drying.

“The process of tensioning the wires breaks the bonds taking them to another position. Since these connections are not definitive, when the hair is washed it returns to its original structure. Unless there is some kind of chemical that causes the hair strands to be broken permanently, this is the case with straightening methods”, explains the doctor.

The scalp houses all hair strands and each strand is composed of three layers: cuticle (outer), cortex (intermediate) and medulla (central). The threads receive nutrients in the papilla, through the blood circulation that feeds the germ cells, which, when they reproduce, push the other cells down, and this is how the threads grow.

The hair shaft originates in the hair follicle, where the bulb, the hair root, is located. “It is normal for the hair cuticle, which has a structure similar to scales, to suffer natural aggressions such as sun, wind, sea, swimming pool, pollution and also due to friction caused by combing.

It is also natural for it to be damaged: split ends, dry, opaque strands, hair loss. In this sense, the creams act to repair and prevent this damage, replacing keratin and/or providing extra protection to minimize damage”, says Dr. Leila.

Good quality masks and different prices

Among the main hair repair masks, there are variables that you should take into account: specific actions of each one, price, smell and indication by hair type. Therefore, it is worth consulting your hairdresser and dermatologist to indicate the most suitable for your hair. Check out three of these masks that are widely recommended in the beauty world:

1. Senscience Inner Restore Intensif ($$$)

The product’s promise is to deeply hydrate and restore, repairing and sealing the cuticles, providing suppleness and exceptional shine. According to hairstylist Michela Matsuda, specialist in cauterization and CPR at the Expert Beauty Center, the mask is suitable for all hair types, has an incredible result and a pleasant smell, the product treats and gives flexibility to the strands.

2. Joico K-pak ($$)

According to the manufacturer, this mask has won the award for the best reconstructor in the world for 13 consecutive years! The promise is to revitalize damaged, brittle and chemically treated hair so that it returns to its original state, that is, healthy, strong, malleable and shiny.

Columnist Hellen Albuquerque used and recommends “My hair is slightly curly, the shape of the strands prevents the natural oiliness of the strands from reaching the ends. I used this mask and the result was wonderful, I have highlights in my hair and I use henna dye so I need to constantly moisturize,” she says.

3. Silicon Mix Bamboo ($)

Silicon Mix is ​​a brand that became known because of beauty bloggers. One of those who already tested and approved was Camila Coelho, from the blog Super Vaidosa.

Also blogger Mariana Costa, from Twins Fairy Tale, tested the traditional version and didn’t approve, but found out about the bamboo version, which is made for chemically treated hair, and loved it. “It smells great and leaves hair very soft and shiny. I loved it. There are other versions, bamboo is specific for hair with streaks and/or bleached hair. So I think that’s why it had more of an effect on my hair,” she says. The price of the mask varies greatly from store to store.

they tested

Beauty guru Juliana Goes also opined about Senscience Inner Restore Intensif:

The gringo blogger Vicky Brown, from Vickis Beauty, tested Joico’s K-pac:

Top beauty blogger Camila Coelho talks, among other products, what she thought of Silicon Mix:

Problems that the treatment mask can solve

  • Double ends: It is a break in the ends of the hair, which causes them to break in the act of combing.
  • Trichoclase: In some cases, the ends of the hair even split into three or four, becoming frayed and severely brittle, the strands standing on end and standing on end.
  • Porosity: The hair cuticle scales open, therefore porous. Hair in this state is more exposed to external agents and loses pigmentation (fades).
  • Solution: Systematic hydration and nutrition. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, make use of a hair mask in cream weekly until they normalize. Depending on the severity of the problem, it will be necessary to give up a few centimeters of hair, cutting the ends.

If in doubt, consult your dermatologist and always opt for specialized and certified beauty salons to take care of your hair.

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