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3 diets that make you gain weight instead of losing weight

In search of a slim and well-shaped body, many women adhere to diets without medical advice to lose weight in a week, as is the main promise of these regimes. In addition to the numerous risks they can take when establishing a food routine on their own, it is possible that the goal of losing weight is not achieved. On the contrary, some of these miracle diets can even make you fat.

Dukan diet

The “Dukan Diet” became famous with Duchess Kate Middleton, at the time of her marriage to Prince William of England. All over the world, there was only talk about how the commoner had lost so much weight in such a short time, she lost 7 kilos and about 10 centimeters from her waist. Basically, the diet restricts carbohydrate consumptionwhich can be harmful to health.

Nutritionist Amanda Dantas explains that, during the initial phase, the Dukan diet eliminates carbohydrates from the menu, consequently, women who adhere to the recommendations increase their consumption of proteins, which are as caloric as carbohydrates: “Red meats, however much that have no apparent fat, have large amounts inside.”>

That is, without medical guidance to regulate the amount of each nutrient to be consumed, it is possible that the diet that was intended to lose weight, gain weight.

moon diet

All women know or have heard about the moon diet, but few know how it works. The step by step is as follows: whenever the moon changes its phase, which happens weekly, the woman who adopts this regimen consumes only liquids for 24 hours, which is the period in which the moon completes the phase change.

Well, you can already see that this diet has low amount of calories, Is not it? And it is precisely for this reason that it can lead to weight gain. As the consumption of calories is low, “the body can understand that the individual is ‘starving’ and, therefore, the organism can end up storing everything that is ingested in order to protect itself”, says the nutritionist. Also, swapping solid foods for liquids can be the same as swapping six for half a dozen, as the saying goes, but it’s important to remember that some soups and drinks can have even more calories than solid foods.

Soup Diet

Those who adhere to this regimen consume only cabbage-based soups and unlimited fruits and vegetables for a week. Apparently this is a fast weight loss promise, but nutritionist Amanda Dantas warns of the “side effects” of the soup diet. “The recipe for the soup base of the diet is rich in sodium, this causes the body to accumulate a lot of fluid, which causes swelling. This swelling can increase body weight rather than decrease it. And contrary to popular belief, eating fruits and vegetables in large amounts also leads to weight gain,” she explains.

More than promoting the opposite effect and gain weight instead of losing weight, miracle diets, which can also be called deceptive, can lead to the development of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease, for example. Therefore, to adopt any regimen and lose weight with health, it is necessary to seek a nutritionist.

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