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28 delicious Festa Junina cake recipes for you to enjoy

When the middle of the year arrives, in addition to winter, the June festivities also begin. In addition to music, square dancing and June costumes, there is one of the main elements that draws attention to these parties: the delicious food! They have options for all tastes: savory and sweet. We can’t forget about a delicious Festa Junina cake – which can be of different flavors.

corn cake recipes

1. Vegan and gluten-free corn cake: those with dietary restrictions can also enjoy the delights of the party! This cake does not contain eggs, milk or gluten. The cornmeal replaces the flour and also gives a special flavor to the recipe.

2. Corn cake with cornmeal: another simple corn cake, but with some extra ingredients to bring more flavor and a different touch from the traditional recipe.

3. Coconut corn cake: a cake made with corn flour and coconut – in addition to corn – to give a special flavor to your June party among friends.

4. Creamy green corn cake: who doesn’t love a creamy cupcake? The secret is to mix corn, sugar, milk, egg and melted butter in a blender and then combine the dry ingredients.

5. Functional corn cake: you can make a healthy corn cake to enjoy the June festivals without any weight on your conscience. This recipe uses oat bran, chia and sweetener. What about?

6. Green corn cake straight from the cob: this cake is made with the corn directly from the cob, it can also be made in a blender and has a very creamy final result. What are you waiting to do?

cornmeal cake recipes

7. Super fluffy cornmeal cake: this recipe is perfect for those who like a simple, yet soft and super fluffy cornmeal cake. Fennel comes in as an optional extra for lovers of this combination.

8. Vegan cornmeal cake in a mug: there’s cornmeal cake for all tastes! If you are vegan this is the perfect option. And the best, it’s made in a mug!

9. Cornmeal cake with guava: another delicious combination is cornmeal with guava. The secret is to add small pieces of guava paste to the dough before taking it to the oven.

10. Cornmeal cake with coconut: to enhance the cornmeal cake, this recipe uses coconut in the dough – which is cooked before baking – and brings a beijinho frosting, an unusual, but delicious combination of sweets.

11. Creamy cornmeal cake: who doesn’t like a creamy cookie? This cornmeal uses cornstarch and grated cheese in the recipe for a creamy consistency.

12. Blender cornmeal cake: if you’re looking for practicality in your Festa Junina cake, this is an interesting option: just put all the ingredients in the blender – wet first, then dry – and bake!

13. Baked cornmeal cake: this cornmeal cake with fennel is baked before baking, so it promises to be lighter than the traditional one. It is worth trying this different recipe.

14. Cornmeal Cake with Cinnamon Cream: If you want a different accompaniment to your traditional cornmeal cream cake, cinnamon cream – made with condensed milk, milk, cornstarch and cinnamon – is a great alternative.

tapioca cake recipes

15. Coconut tapioca cake: this coconut tapioca cake is super practical to make. It takes few ingredients and does not go in the oven; it is served chilled.

16. Creamy Tapioca Cake: This creamy cake is made with tapioca and dried coconut. One of the tips to achieve the perfect consistency is to beat egg whites.

17. Creamy tapioca cake: another tapioca cake with coconut that is super practical to make, doesn’t take eggs, flour and doesn’t even go to the fire. The recipe is worth trying.

18. Healthy tapioca cake: Want a healthier tapioca cake option? It is also possible, this recipe uses vegetable milks, coconut oil, sweetener and gluten-free flours.

19. Buriti tapioca cake: how about trying a different ingredient? This cake features the buriti sweet – a palm fruit – placed in the middle of the dough.

20. Tapioca cake with 4 milk syrup: the 4 milk syrup is what gives a special touch to this Festa Junina cake. She takes, in addition to coconut, coconut milk, condensed milk, powdered milk and cream!

21. Stone tapioca cake: finally, how about a salted tapioca cake, which in addition to the salt, has cheese in the dough – and is super soft?

banana cake recipes

22. Easy banana cake: a super practical banana cake to make, which gives a special light touch to this recipe is to use 100 g of yogurt. Before putting it in the oven, place slices of banana and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. The result is sensational!

23. Banana pudding cake: do you like a very wet Festa Junina cake? This banana cake is perfect! A complete recipe, with caramel sauce, pastry cream filling, whipped cream frosting, in addition to the cake dough.

24. Banana and Nutella Cake: Banana and Nutella is a perfect combination, and this is even more evident in this cake. The cake dough is banana, while the filling and icing are Nutella. Amazing!

25. Fluffy Banana Cake: This super fluffy banana cake has raisins in the dough and, on top, has a crust of sugar and cinnamon. They say the secret to the final consistency is cornstarch. Worth trying!

26. Chocolate Cake with Banana: Whoever sees this beautiful and moist chocolate cake, has no idea that it has a secret ingredient: the banana!

27. Flour-free, sugar-free banana cake: Are you looking for a healthy cake? This recipe does not use flour or sugar. Raisins bring the sweetness and, in place of the flour, oats.

28. Oatmeal cake with banana: another healthy and super easy June party cake. There are few ingredients: banana, eggs, oatmeal, chemical yeast and a touch of cinnamon for a special flavor.

Armed with all these Festa Junina cake recipes, you have no more excuse not to gather your friends to celebrate the date. And to make the most of the party, check out a selection of Festa Junina songs.

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