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27 environments before and after being decorated by an architect

You’ve probably already sighed at the beauty of an artist’s mansion you saw on the internet, the beautiful environments on Pinterest or a wonderful house on the cover of a decorating magazine. Well-planned spaces, with the right lighting, well-chosen decorative objects and strategically placed.

Know that much of this beauty you see is the result of the work of experienced professionals in the area, such as decorators and architects.

Interior designer Daniela Colnaghi comments that hiring the right professional at the right time is essential for progress to have adequate technical support in changing environments. In this comes the figure of the architect, who will materialize the client’s dream in partnership with him, adapting the needs, availability and deadlines.

According to Graziela Oliveira, a partner at Bora Decora, the architect has a trained eye, he is an observer. He sees the space and analyzes its relationship with the individual and its function. It is capable of minimizing investments, optimizing spaces and thus transforming environments and landscapes.

Below, you can see a list of 30 environments before and after undergoing a renovation or simple redesign.

1. A bathroom with super well used space

2. Another all white and modern bathroom for you to fall in love with

3. The miracle a new sink floor and counter does

4. This bathroom got a girl power touch

5. And who said that bathroom can only have neutral colors?

6. Look at this unbelievable transformation!

7. Who knew that a pallet sofa could look so show?

8. A colorful sofa renews any room

9. Wood panels + good lighting are a perfect combination

10. Light tones also make a difference

11. And the balcony can become a super cozy corner too

12. This kitchen gained a brighter and more airy look with light colors

13. This is what it’s like to enjoy spaces with a lot of style

14. And why not be bold in the colors of the kitchen?

15. An all-white kitchen is also too beautiful

16. And the mix of colors and flowers was a charm in this environment

17. A new headboard and well-chosen bedding are also good ideas to change the look of the room.

18. Objects that combine style and use of space are the best

19. This room looks like it was botoxed and rejuvenated, don’t you think?

20. The mix of colors and prints gave the special touch to this children’s room

21. Look how amazing this space turned into a children’s room!

22. The correct use of colors and proportions made this room more beautiful and even more spacious

23. And this room came to life with the colors and prints

24. And your home office can look as awesome as this one

25. With the architectural flair, even your work belongings become a decoration

26. This room doesn’t even look like the same place it used to

27. Knowing how to properly organize objects in a space is also very important

Yes, it is possible to change your home without renovating!

Architect Elaine Fonseca says that there are many tricks that help to renew environments without the need for jigsaws. “Placing a cement coating or overlapping bricks on a wall or panels halfway up the wall with LED strip lighting makes a difference. These examples change and modernize any space without the need for any work”, says the professional.

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According to Graziela Oliveira, the first step in transforming your home is to define your needs, priorities and financial availability. After that, from small details it is possible to renew. “A painting, new pillows, good lighting, curtains or a rug can completely change the look and style of your room,” she says.

It is important to remember that not always the ideal space for you is a space like those on the cover of a magazine, but one that reflects your personality and where you feel good, respecting your way of life. 😉

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