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26 things only those who love to travel understand

Perhaps you have already noticed that more and more people are tattooing or posting the word “Wanderlust” on their social networks. An expression derived from German, it refers to a strong desire to explore the world. It is related to an impulse to travel to understand one’s own existence. Well, it’s no wonder that this has become popular. 😉

Traveling enriches the soul, opens the mind, is good for the heart. It allows you to live unique experiences, get in touch with yourself, seek new horizons. Does this all make sense to you? So welcome to the club of people who are passionate about travel!

It could be to the next town or to the other side of the world. It could be for a weekend or for several months. It can be alone or with many companies. Be that as it may, traveling is an investment where you have a lot to gain.

With that in mind, we have prepared a selection of 26 things that only you, a person who loves to travel, will understand. Check it out below and then tell us if you identified yourself. And focus on Nossa Senhora do Passaporte, because it will make you want to pack your bags.

1. Your social networks are full of travel photos

You post photos on Facebook, Insta and Twitter, post them on the blog and love it when Facebook shows you that trip from two years ago as a souvenir. #tbt

2. People love to say that you are “well off” because you are always traveling

“Gee, you just travel, huh? You can…” Let anyone who has never heard this cast the first stone, no matter how irritating it is.

3. Deep down you wish you were as rich as they think you are

Counting the plaques of a hundred, living in the good, toasting money like there’s no tomorrow… It would be beautiful to be as they think you are.

4. Because what people don’t know is that you work hard to be able to travel

Did you paint overtime? Excellent. One more freelance? Can send. The more I work, the more bookings to be able to travel.

5. And he dedicates a good part of his salary to travel

You don’t travel because you are rich. You travel because you plan, because you save money, because you prioritize your life – and, above all, your expenses.

6. In fact, you dream a lot about the next destinations

You seem too focused on the worksheet, but you’re imagining what it would be like to be in Cancun. Who never?

7. While people want new cars, you want Paris

And London, Thailand, China, Russia, Argentina…

8. By the way, the list of places you want to visit keeps growing

Fernando de Noronha, Germany, Italy… You start planning new trips while you’re still traveling.

9. And you get really excited every time you start planning a new trip

Many months before even boarding you start planning itineraries, researching places to stay, to eat, where are the free museums, parks, bars, how to communicate, etc etc etc. Planning is practically as fun as the trip itself.

10. Do you love to travel with other people?

Traveling as a couple, with family or with friends are very different experiences – but each one has its beauty and positive sides.

11. But don’t wait for others to make your plans

Nothing is more silly than this habit of thinking that we need other people to do what we want.

12. When packing your bags, you look like an expert

You know the exact amount of things to pack, how to store everything so it doesn’t get crumpled, what the essential items are and how to get by for a month with a suitcase that doesn’t exceed the limit allowed by the airline.

13. Even though it wasn’t easy at first

A novice traveler’s life is like that: there are always some things left over and important ones missing. Who never forgot to put a toothbrush in their suitcase? It happens A LOT. Then you learn. 😉

14. Going somewhere new feels so good, you don’t even mind flying several hours

You don’t even complain about the cramped space, the passenger side that is kind of baggy, the food that isn’t always very tasty… You’re immune to that.

15. Or face the road

Bus and car travel also have their charm.

16. Because the feeling of reaching the final destination is incredible

You’ve barely put your feet in place and can’t wait to explore every corner possible.

17. Even more when you are positively surprised by the hosting

You risk renting something through Airbnb and… success! It’s wonderful, it’s well located. It’s all good. The same can happen with hotels and inns that you’ve only seen pictures on the internet. Hitting in the dark is awesome.

18. Although you may have to face some troubles

Sometimes those beautiful pictures on the site don’t exactly represent reality… That’s part of it!

19. You’re not afraid to try local food

What’s the point of going somewhere else if you’re going to be eating only fast food from the same old chains? One of the best ways to experience the culture of a place is to eat its food.

20. Can make friends with the whole world

Even more so for Brazilians, who usually don’t have trouble making friends.

21. And you allow yourself to live experiences full of adrenaline

Swimming in the river, jumping on a hang glider, participating in a safari… Some opportunities will not be repeated in life. The way is to play!

22. Okay, experiences don’t have to be that extreme

A smooth trip can also be amazing. Walking leisurely, sitting in a cafe and watching life go by, just listening to other accents…

23. When it’s time to leave, you don’t want to go

The day you dread the most is the day you have to leave.

24. It’s even a little sad to get back to the routine after an EPIC trip

Unpacking is almost a nightmare.

25. But soon you start planning again

Alaska, Jerusalem, Canada, Fortress…

26. Because everything in life is fleeting, except your desire to travel.

Is not true?

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