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26 Photographs of Internet Users That Prove That Not Everything Is What It Seems

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But the truth is that this saying doesn’t always work. There are objects that can look totally different from their real nature or that appear not to be what they really are, depending on the angle from which we look at them. Some internet users didn’t miss the opportunity to photograph things that weren’t quite what they appeared to be.

O awesome.club shares some of these images so you too can observe objects that like to pretend they are not.

1. “This sofa set is made of red bricks”

2. “This is what a tattoo looks like seen with a macro lens”

3. “Car washing soap changes color as you rub”

4. “The tiny banana I picked today”

5. “The lotion I put on my hand feels like a small fish”

6. “A Tomato Gradient”

7. “I managed to make a circle with LEGO blocks”

8. “My dog ​​threw a bottle of chlorine near my laundry room and thanks to him, I got an amazing t-shirt”

9. “Every dollar bill I’ve received as a tip in over two years (about $1,600)”

10. “I was born without fingerprints on my fingers and toes”

11. “This unusually thick Dorito came in a normal package”

12. “Picasso Stone”

13. “This onion came with a smiley face”

14. “A strange lemon my dad found in the garden”

15. “I made small pizzas the size of a pepperoni”

16. “My daughter found a branch that is like a camel’s head”

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17. “This tree looks like broccoli”

18. “My pizza stone looks like a moon”

19. “The ceiling turned into a keyboard”

20. “I took this picture and the cloud gave me a thumbs up” 👍

21. “An old box of colored pencils after the termites have eaten all the wood”

22. “My Wi-Fi router makes my outlet look like an angry robot”

23. “This Deflated Balloon Looks Like Mozart”

24. “This old food serving set looks like the Google Chrome logo”

25. “Our scanner at work looks like an alien”

26. “This stone looks like a piece of bread missing a piece”

Have you ever confused an object with something else? In your daily life, is this type of situation common? Tell us!

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