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26 hot chocolate recipes that will make you want to live in winter

For cold winter days, nothing better than a good hot chocolate to warm your hands, body and heart, right? Even more if it is very creamy and full of flavor!

But, it would, in fact, be a real sin if this drink needed to be restricted only to winter, wouldn’t it? So, remember that there are no rules! If you really don’t like having a hot drink in the heat, that’s fine; But if you love chocolate anyway and can’t resist this drink, prepare it without fear of making a mistake, whenever you feel like it!

Making good hot chocolate is generally easy. But that doesn’t mean that the recipe is always the same… It can be more or less incremented, using few or several ingredients. Get inspired by the versions below and choose your favorite:

Simple hot chocolate recipes

1. Creamy hot chocolate: better than drinking just hot chocolate, it’s drinking that very creamy hot chocolate! That’s what you can see in this video, which teaches you how to make creamy hot chocolate in three different ways!

2. Iced hot chocolate: if you, like most people, prefer a cold drink for the hottest days, you’ll love this version, which takes chocolate, milk, cocoa powder, sugar, ice, pasteurized cream and zest. of chocolate.

3. Affogato hot chocolate: it is a hot chocolate with ice cream, in the affogato style, which is that Italian espresso, served with ice cream. A delicious option for the coldest days, but nothing prevents it from being consumed in summer too!

4. Quick and easy hot chocolate: to make this creamy drink perfect for the coldest days, you’ll only need milk, powdered chocolate, sugar and cornstarch. This recipe serves 1 person and takes 10 minutes to prepare.

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5. Hot chocolate with a touch of cinnamon: a recipe that is very creamy. You will need milk, cornstarch, cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon sticks and heavy cream. Easy and delicious!

6. Simple vegan hot chocolate: the recipe is made with plant-based milk, pure cocoa powder, dark/vegan chocolate, dates, maple syrup or agave or molasses, tahini, vegan whipped cream, chocolate shavings and sprinkled cinnamon.

7. Functional Vegan Hot Chocolate with Spices: As oat milk naturally has a good amount of starch, it is not necessary to add thickeners for the texture of it to be good. And the green banana biomass also helps to give it a creamy consistency. If you are vegan or love to try different things, you won’t stop tasting it, right?

8. Fit hot chocolate: easy to prepare, you will only use milk, cocoa powder, demerara sugar or sucralose and cornstarch. For extra charm, you can add semisweet chocolate chips.

9. Light protein hot chocolate: great option for those on a diet. You will use skim milk, 100% cocoa powder, diet chocolate pudding powder, whey protein (optional), sweetener and egg white.

10. Healthy hot chocolate: the tip is to use oat milk. In addition to being inexpensive, it is easy to make and nutritious. Oat milk, when heated, has a similar effect to cornstarch and thickens. This makes it more creamy and full-bodied, that is, it’s perfect for making hot chocolate!

Special hot chocolate recipes

11. Brigadeiro hot chocolate: the yield of this delight is five to six servings. You will use condensed milk, chocolate powder, milk, cornstarch and, to decorate, chocolate sprinkles and brigadeiro.

12. White hot chocolate with cardamom: A delicious drink, despite being a little different. You will need whole milk, fresh cream or cream, cardamom, vanilla extract, white chocolate and whiskey.

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13. White hot chocolate with dark chocolate whipped cream: one of those mouthwatering recipes! Perfect for the coldest days! But, if you can’t resist, you can take the risk and do it on hot days… What’s wrong?! You will basically use fresh cream, starch, chocolate powder, among other easy ingredients.

14. White hot chocolate with strawberries: a beautiful recipe, but easy to make. You will use chopped strawberries, sugar, milk, white chocolate and, to decorate, whipped cream and strawberries. Choose very ripe strawberries to make this recipe, it gets much tastier!

15. Hot chocolate with caramel: one of those recipes that marry perfectly with winter! Although beautiful and elaborate, it is easy to make. You will basically use sugar, water, fresh cream, vanilla bean and cocoa powder.

16. Paçoca hot chocolate: ideal drink for the winter, you’ll just want to know how to put on your slippers, run to the kitchen, make this paçoca hot chocolate and then curl up in a warm blanket, enjoying every sip!

17. Hot chocolate with nest milk: the yield is 500 ml and the preparation time is 10 minutes. You will only need milk, sugar, chocolate powder and milk powder Ninho.

18. Hot chocolate honey bread: an incredible combination of flavors. This drink is creamy and has dulce de leche whipped cream to make everything even more wonderful! It’s worth writing down the recipe and making it to make your night much hotter!

19. Hot Chocolate Gingerbread: To make this delight, you will need cocoa powder, grated nutmeg, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, whole milk, sugar and fresh cream. Preparation is no secret!

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20. Prestige hot chocolate: to get out of the traditional, how about making a hot chocolate with coconut milk, a little bit of coconut and plenty of cocoa powder? And the coolest thing is that the recipe is lactose free.

21. Hot chocolate with pepper: amazing flavor! Worth a try. You will use milk, heavy cream, sugar, chocolate bars and cayenne pepper. If using milk chocolate, use less sugar.

22. Hot chocolate on a stick: if you’re looking for different and delicious ways to prepare hot chocolate, you’ll love this recipe. You will use boiled milk, semisweet chocolate, chocolate powder and toothpicks.

Hot chocolate recipes with alcoholic beverages

23. Mexican hot chocolate with tequila: easy to prepare, you will only use hot chocolate, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, a shot of silver tequila and whipped cream to complement, giving more flavor and beauty to the drink!

24. Hot chocolate chocognac: vegan recipe, in which you will only use rolled oats, oat milk, granulated sugar, cloves, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, cognac, soy cream or coconut milk and cinnamon.

25. Jack Daniel’s Hot Chocolate: Creamy and full of flavor. You’ll need whole milk, condensed milk, chocolate powder, chocolate Suflair, cinnamon powder, cornstarch and a shot of Jack Daniel’s Honey for the special touch!

26. Hot chocolate with cognac: very traditional and easy recipe, you will only need milk chocolate bar, milk, cream, cognac, cinnamon stick and whipped cream. The last two ingredients are optional.

With so many delicious recipes, the way is to always wish for cooler nights – which go perfectly with hot chocolate and good moments of rest at home!

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