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26 curry recipes that will make you fall in love with this spice

Curry is a condiment of Indian origin, composed of the mixture of several spices such as: saffron, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, among others. Therefore, its unique flavor can make all the difference in food preparation, here are some delicious recipes:

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1. Beans in curry: try the beans au gratin in butter with curry powder. No more excuses for not liking this legume, with this easy and flavorful way of preparation.

2. Grilled manjubinha with curry: this grilled manjubinha with spices such as rosemary, lemon, parsley and curry is from the gods. The secret is to do it on the grill with the grill itself for fish.

3. Zucchini cream with curry: this cream is perfect to serve with toast, or for those looking for a quick, warm and cozy dinner. The curry sets the perfect tone for the recipe, which is super easy to make.

4. Egg in curry sauce: a super special way to serve hard-boiled eggs, with a red sauce made with tomatoes, curry and other spices. For the special touch, poke holes with a fork in the already boiled eggs, then drop them into the sauce when it’s done.

5. Carrot Curry Soup: A nutrient-dense soup that’s simple and quick to make. With curry and coconut milk, you guarantee a very creamy soup, in addition to being very healthy.

6. Rice with curry: rice with curry is super easy to make and is perfect for those who want to innovate in the dear rice of everyday life. Before putting the water to cook it, add the curry for your recipe to be perfect.

7. Brown rice with curry: if you don’t usually or don’t like to eat brown rice, be sure to try this recipe that will conquer your taste.

8. Vegetables with curry: a dish with easy-to-find vegetables, ideal for a healthy and nutritious meal. With curry and sweet paprika you create a creamy broth that is perfect for savoring sautéed vegetables.

9. Shrimp in curry: curry is a seasoning that goes well with seafood, and in this shrimp recipe with tomato sauce and coconut milk, curry is the golden key to give it a unique and special flavor.

10. Curried meat: no ideas to make meat with a different flavor? Try this recipe for beef strips with curry, a creamy sauce with milk, peppers and nuts. You will fall in love!

11. Chicken Curry Baits: A portion of fried chicken baits to dip in curry sauce, made with a mayonnaise base. An easy recipe, ideal for welcoming friends at home and serving a delicious and easy-to-make snack.

12. Chicken curry: a typical Indian recipe with chicken curry, with other spices that give a refined and unique touch to the dish. The sauce becomes creamy when the natural yogurt is added, pleasing the eyes and the palate.

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13. Vegan curry noodles: The mix of flavors and ingredients of this oriental noodle is out of the ordinary. In addition to being healthy and vegan, the recipe is super simple!

14. Crispy Vegetables with Curry Paste: A great snack, with an incredible texture and a curry sauce for an irresistible flavor, that’s what Lu Crosara shows us in this super nutritious vegan recipe.

15. Golden eggplant with apple curry: this recipe is for lovers of eggplant and sweet and sour flavors. The cheese and curd make the dish creamy and the combination of apple and curry is irresistible.

16. Pea pie with chicken curry: the combination of pea and chicken in this recipe is spectacular, and the curry adds much more flavor and gives a refined touch to the dish. It’s a protein-rich meal that’s easy to make.

17. Low carb creamy chicken curry: to innovate in low carb dishes, creamy chicken made with ricotta cream is the perfect option. Little secret: curry should be added when braising the chicken.

18. Lentil with apple curry: a simple dish capable of surprising the palate. In addition to being a vegan and healthy option, this recipe gives a unique flavor to the lentil when you add the apple au gratin with curry.

19. Cauliflower curry: for those who enjoy dishes with plenty of natural seasonings, this is a perfect option. In addition to curry, the recipe uses cilantro, grain mustard, saffron, garlic and onions. To spice it up, add chickpeas and chestnuts.

20. Chickpea curry: Chickpeas are high in protein and super healthy. This recipe will have you trying the legume with a mouthwatering red sauce and delicious spices – the perfect dish to step out of the box and be impressed.

21. Chayote-Apple Curry: If you think chayote is a bland vegetable, this recipe will break protocol. A delicious dish with the combination of chayote and apple, which when seasoned with curry, set the flavor of the seasoning very well.

22. Vegan Indian Curry: Another typical recipe with the Indian condiment that is perfect for adding color and flavor to dishes. The vegetables are tender and super tasty, making it a great option to serve with white rice.

23. Baked fish with curry and coconut: this recipe has a unique flavor. The fish is easy to make, seasoned with curry to give the dish a strong flavor. Finishing with fresh grated coconut is the secret of this recipe.

24. Fish Curry with Coconut Milk: Coconut milk is excellent for adding creaminess to dishes, and in this recipe for a fish curry stew, it gives the perfect tone, texture and flavor.

25. Curry noodles: this recipe is made with bifum, a type of oriental noodles. The dish is typical of Indonesia, with peppers, carrots and other vegetables, with lots of curry. It is delicious and is a great option for a vegan dish.

26. Karê: Karê is a Japanese food made with vegetables and curry, like a stew. For a thicker creamy texture, add cornstarch.

This is an excellent seasoning that makes any food tastier, slightly spicy and authentic. In addition to combining with several other spices. Discover other different seasonings and learn how to use them in your recipes.

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