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25 smart tips to make your hair grow faster

If you dream of having a big hair, but think that the wires are taking a long time to grow or that they just stopped, stay tuned. Some factors can disrupt the normal development of wires, which is about one centimeter per month.

The problem is usually linked to hormonal disorders or poor blood circulation. But there are also external factors that harm hair. Check out 25 tips to make your hair grow faster in a healthy way.

1. Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks. Doing this doesn’t make your hair grow directly, but it strengthens the strands to prevent breakage, after all, split ends and brittle hair doesn’t “look long” even though it’s long.

2. Apply snow whites to the scalp. Make a hair mask with snow whites for healthier, stronger and more beautiful hair.

3. Drink water. Water helps to release toxins from the body and thus make your hair grow longer and make it more resistant and hydrated. 2 liters a day is recommended.

4. Comb and brush your hair daily. It is not necessary to brush your hair often or overdo it. Brushing them once a day helps activate blood circulation in the scalp, helping to irrigate the region and strengthen new hair. But be careful: don’t brush wet hair and if it’s tangled, use a styling product.

5. Decrease the frequency of using the dryer and flat iron. So your hair will be stronger, healthier and free from breaks and split ends, gaining a perfect appearance from root to tip, essential to show your real length.

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6. Include protein in the diet. Foods like eggs, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables rich in protein make your hair look better and encourage hair to grow faster.

7. Don’t let your body lack vitamins. Consult your endocrinologist and together with your nutritionist create a diet rich in vitamins. Your hair will be healthier and grow faster.

8. Bet on essential oils. Mix 3 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of rosemary oil and 2 drops of thyme, red cedar and jojoba oil. Apply directly to the hair and you will see the difference.

9. Onion water. It may seem strange, but boiling two onions and using the water in which they were boiled on your hair can help your hair grow faster. And it doesn’t smell after washing.

10. Potato mask to treat the wires. Mix 3 potatoes, an egg white and a little honey in a blender to create your homemade treatment mask. It works similarly to onion water.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix vinegar with a little water and apply directly to hair after shampooing. To prevent it from smelling like vinegar, add 2 tsp of your favorite essential oil to the mixture.

12. Avoid silicone-based hair products. As this type of substance clogs the hair follicles, the wires end up weakening and thus do not reach their full growth potential.

13. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp. In addition to making your hair greasy, this habit can give you dandruff. And in order to grow, the scalp must be healthy, so apply cream only to the length of the hair and not to the root.

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14.Skip a day or two between washing your hair. This way you avoid exposing your hair to industrialized products daily and allow it to release the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy.

15. Do not abuse the use of hair styling products. Gel, hairspray and mousse damage hair and weaken it. Use only when absolutely necessary.

16. Take care of your hair in the summer. Be sure to apply hair sunscreen to your strands and protect your hair with hats and caps, so you keep your scalp and strands healthy.

17. Include biotin in the menu. The biotin present in foods like eggs, soy and liver has an amazing effect on hair and will make it grow faster.

18. Massage your hair while showering. When washing and shampooing your hair, gently massage the scalp without using your fingernails. This stimulates circulation to the scalp, which is vital for hair growth.

19. Don’t sleep with your hair up. However, if your hair tangles a lot, make a very loose braid or secure it with a very weak elastic to avoid falls and wire breaks.

20. Avoid stress. This problem of modern life can cause wires to weaken and fall out and that’s not what you want right now. Practice yoga or relaxation and invest in fun days to keep stress at bay.

21. Don’t sleep with wet hair. This can damage your scalp and disrupt healthy hair growth, as well as make your hair smell bad.

22. Eat healthy. Your appearance directly depends on your health. It is useless to use the most expensive and potent creams if your health is not going well. So adopt a balanced diet, talk to your nutritionist and start now.

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23. Visit your endocrinologist. Do endocrinological tests to make sure everything is in full working order in your body. Thyroid problems, for example, can cause hair loss and thinning.

24. Quit smoking. Cigarettes are a great villain, which can destroy the beauty of the hair and also help to prevent the hair from growing. Nicotine makes it difficult for blood to pass through the veins and, consequently, makes it difficult for all the nutrients that the wires need to pass through.

25. Include fatty acids in your diet. Add walnuts, chestnuts, fish and avocado to your diet, they are rich in fatty acids and will help you to have healthier hair, which grows at the correct rate of the body.

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