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25 People Who Lost Faith In Humanity

The world is not always fair. Every inhabitant of the planet has thought about it at some point, especially if others give reasons for it. The following compilation speaks precisely of these situations.

O awesome.club gathered 25 photos that could ruin your faith in humanity. But we sincerely hope that, despite everything, you maintain hope and a positive outlook for the future.

Someone came into the store hungry

When the seller took the term “wireless” literally

“I rented a computer game and got a paper circle instead of a disk”

Balcony, light version

Something tells me they’re trying to trick us

“I’m not sure if I’m lucky or not”

Maybe it’s best not to cross paths with such a buyer.

“Someone touched my ice cream with a damn fork”

When you want to approach a person and explain which is the “exit” and which is the “in”

When you literally pay to be in danger

Either that’s a mistake, or we don’t know what man’s best friends really are.

When in a pizzeria they don’t know how to use that white plastic stand

“That lasted the 5 hour flight”

“My roommate ate all the chocolates in our cupcakes”

Looks like the name of the controller was written by that dinosaur with such a weird smile

Apparently, this person has no idea how to use the bicycle parking lot.

Someone took the flight attendant’s instruction to “feel at home” to the letter

“This is how my wife eats pizza”

I wonder if this person really managed to get his license

When safety is more important than a story

“Amazon sent me the hot sauce in an unprotected box”

Are we very wrong, or is something not quite right?

“This is how my wife opens milk cartons”

“My school administration decided that a fence was more important than the crosswalk between the parking lot and the academic building”

“This is how my boyfriend uses a paper towel”

Have you ever been in similar situations where you didn’t know what to do?

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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