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24 Profiles that steal the spotlight on dating sites

Exposing your true ‘self’ on social media is not an easy thing. Knowing whether or not other people will like it is something that makes many people anxious. But that’s not always a deterrent to trying. Some people have no problem putting themselves out there and love to show off their craziest and funniest images. They don’t care what others will think and what they really want is attention.

We’ve put together some images we found on the Internet where people show themselves in the most unusual ways, usually for the wrong reasons. Check it out right now and take the opportunity to find out what not to do when entering a relationship app.

1. “This is what you’ll get if you don’t treat me right”

2. A man with vodka and caviar is always a catch. Or not!

3. The man who will make all your dreams come true

Jesus, 21 years old

4. With her you will never feel bored

18 miles away

If you’re looking for a girl with personality then you’re in luck because I have multiple


Don’t listen to her

5. Ready to walk down the aisle

6. All worked on the skin

7. Who can say no to those eyes?

8. Never trust a man who drinks cucumber juice

The innermost thing I’m willing to admit: I like cucumber juice!

9. Everyone has fun in their own way

10. Admit it: you’d love to hang out with them

Mikey, 21
18 miles away

we are a pack

11. Simply Irresistible

If you like the bad guys you can swipe left cause I’m a good boy

12. When you don’t have a vase for your flowers

13. Because you will be hungry

14. This one likes to show off his luxurious life

15. When the beach and pool are too far away

16. A famous boy

0% coincidences
9% friends
88% enemies

What am I doing with my life?

Ask the FBI, NSA, DHS, NYPD or the Mossad. I’m sure one of them has an idea.

17. This one comes with a drink

18. Good catch for those who love noodles

19. Showing off the muscles

20. She will need help not to fall

Stumbles, slips and falls will be the title of my autobiography.

I once fell backwards down the stairs while giving a tour of the college.

21. Your sly kitten

About Rachel,

Recovering from catnip addiction. I take advantage of naps next to a perfect pair. I’m not like most cats. I’m not a tuna freak, and I don’t comment on how overrated milk is.

22. Ideal look for a first date

Peter, 19 years old

About Petar

I’m sure your standards are much lower than mine.

23. A rough man

24. Would he be eternally single?

About Nathan

Married, 2 kids, looking for some action. Just kidding.

I’m single, I have 3 tamagotchis. I’m looking for someone to take to family events so they stop thinking there’s something wrong with me.

What do you think of these profiles? Do you think any of them can succeed at the time of conquest? And you, do you usually post fun photos on your profile or do you prefer discretion? Share your opinion in the comments!

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