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23 Pumpkin Cream Recipes Perfect to Beat the Cold

There are days that ask for a very warm and comforting meal, those that look like a hug because they are so delicious. With the smell of grandma’s house, pumpkin cream is ideal for these moments. In the list below, you can check out simple recipes and other more incremented ones to prepare it in the comfort of your home.

1. Simple pumpkin cream

Without complications, this recipe is perfect for when you have little time to spend in the kitchen, but want to enjoy a delicious dish. To test the option, you will only need to have pumpkin, sour cream and seasonings of your choice.

2. Pumpkin cream with cardamom

Do you want to delight yourself with a very aromatic cream that is still free of ingredients of animal origin? So, it’s worth checking out this recipe, which has the amazing taste of cardamom and takes coconut milk to make the texture sensational.

3. Pumpkin cream with curry

Remarkable, curry is a perfect ingredient for those who want to give a different flavor to their dish without having to work too hard. In addition to it, this recipe only uses pumpkin, ginger, olive oil and salt. The ingredients list is short, but the result will win you over.

4. Pumpkin cream cheese

To contrast with the slightly sweet taste of the pumpkin, the cheese chosen for this recipe was gorgonzola. If you want to vary, you can also use other cheeses, such as smoked ricotta. See the complete preparation method to test at home.

5. Pumpkin cream with milk

Milk and sour cream are used in this recipe to make the dish very creamy. Easy to make, this is an option that requires few ingredients, and the time in the kitchen is also not long. Even so, the result is very tasty, it is worth checking out.

6. Pumpkin cream with cottage cheese

In this recipe, pumpkin cubes go in the oven well seasoned. Thus, the vegetable is very soft and flavored. Next, the pumpkin is blended in a blender with water and, optionally, curd. When serving, the tip is to finish the dish with brie cheese, olive oil and rosemary.

7. Pumpkin cream with leek

In addition to the combination of pumpkin and leek, this recipe also has ginger, chives, nutmeg, pepper and grated cheese. The preparation method is extremely simple and fast. That way, you have time for you to enjoy each spoonful.

8. Pumpkin cream with cottage cheese

Light and healthy, this is also a quick recipe to make and that still wins you over for its flavor. Not to mention the creaminess that cottage cheese adds to the dish. Surely, this is an excellent alternative to make your day better.

9. Pumpkin cream with vegetable broth

Using vegetable broth makes all the difference in the result of your cream. Also, this recipe combines two different pumpkins: cabotiá and neck. To close with a flourish, ginger enters the scene to give a spicy touch to the dish.

10. Pumpkin cream with coconut milk and ginger

Vegan, this recipe has the help of coconut milk to leave the texture of the dish very creamy. In addition, the ginger aromatizes the cream in a sensational way. With few ingredients, this is a recipe that deserves your attention.

11. Pumpkin cream with carrots and manioc

Want a tasty meal that is still very nutritious? For that, this recipe combines three vegetables: pumpkin, carrot and manioc. The seasoning is on account of onion, garlic, salt, black pepper and parsley. In addition, almonds and feta cheese are used to finish the dish.

12. Pumpkin cream with carrots and cream cheese

Using pumpkin and carrots, you get a very orangey and rich in flavor cream. To make the result even more delicious, cream cheese also enters the scene. No hassle, this is a recipe that will win you over.

13. Pumpkin cream with potato

Using pumpkin and potato in the same dish is already delicious, and if the seasoning is well thought out, it’s even better. For this you will need garlic, onion, ginger, salt and curry powder.

14. Butternut squash cream with sweet potato

With this recipe, you learn how to prepare a nutritious, tasty soup that still gives substance. With all the tips in this recipe, it’s going to be hard to say that soup doesn’t kill hunger, right?

15. Pumpkin Cream with Sweet Potato and Honey

If you want to surprise with a recipe, this is the perfect option. That’s because, in addition to the combination of pumpkin, sweet potato and honey, the herbs also help to close the preparation with a golden key. If you want, you can also learn how to make Sicilian lemon toast to serve as a side dish.

16. Pumpkin cream with chicken

To enhance your meal, it is also valid to add meat to the cream. Chicken combines very well with pumpkin and still guarantees a healthy meal for your day. Whether for lunch or dinner, this is a recipe that deserves to be tried.

17. Pumpkin Cream with Crispy Bacon

To contrast with the creamy texture and sweet taste of the pumpkin, this recipe suggests covering the dish with very crispy bacon cubes. So, it is easy to be delighted with the result.

18. Pumpkin cream with bacon and chicken broth

In this recipe, a homemade chicken broth is used in the preparation of the cream. This way, you get an irresistible flavor and you don’t have to use the industrialized version. To make it even better, bacon also enters the picture. The result is delicious, you can bet.

19. Pumpkin cream with pepperoni

Another perfect ingredient to spice up your cream is pepperoni. For its flavor to stand out, the same pan in which the sausage is fried is used to sauté the seasonings and cook the pumpkin.

20. Pumpkin cream with corned beef

Pumpkin and dried meat form an unbeatable duo. Here, the preparation may not be the fastest – as the vegetable is roasted and then cooked -, but the flavor is so delicious, it makes up for all the waiting.

21. Pumpkin cream with nutmeg

Make your recipe beyond aromatic by using the right combination of spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cardamom. The result is a dish that smells so good, it’s impossible to resist its taste.

22. Roasted Pumpkin Cream

In this recipe, the pumpkin goes into the oven, cut into cubes in a form along with garlic, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper and, optionally, a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves powder. To finish, all this is blended in a blender with coconut milk.

23. Fit pumpkin cream

Fit and tasty, this is a recipe that mixes the flavor of pumpkin with that of jerky. This duo is seasoned with curry, dehydrated vinaigrette, fine herbs and pepperoni.

Have you seen how many delicious recipes to try at home? Now, if you are also looking for a hot drink to enjoy on the coldest days, learn how to make a creamy hot chocolate from the gods.

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