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23 pot cake recipes full of charm and flavor

Hard to find someone who can resist a good dessert, especially when it has a beautiful presentation! And so are the cakes in the pot – which are perfect to be served to guests, to be placed at birthday parties or even given as gifts!

For many people, making cake in the pot is a good way to earn extra income, as this type of candy is now “sales fever”! In addition to being simple to prepare and allowing a thousand and one possibilities, the pot cake is usually not expensive.

When it comes to putting together flavors and combinations… The sky is the limit! Chocolate, dulce de leche, fruit, whipped cream, coconut… The possibilities are endless, but, in addition to the flavor aspect, it is worth remembering: the appearance of the cake in the pot makes all the difference, so capriche!

Get inspired by the recipes below and create your favorite cakes in the pot, whether to enjoy at home with the family, to serve at parties, to gift someone special or to sell!

Traditional pot cakes

1. Nest milk, chocolate and strawberry cake in the pot: recipe that yields two pots. So, if you want more, you need to increase the recipe a lot! You’ll need chocolate cake, strawberries, plus fresh cream, condensed milk, icing sugar and Ninho milk, for the creamy filling.

2. Brigadeiro pot cake with strawberry: good tip for those who want to earn some extra money. You can make this delicious pot cake and sell it for about R$5 each. And who doesn’t love strawberry brigadeiro? In addition to this flavor, you can use creativity and make many others!

3. Cake in the brigadeiro pot: great option to gift the people you love! In addition to being practical, fast and beautiful, the cake in the pot ends up being very cheap. And the brigadeiro cake is guaranteed success!

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4. Prestige pot cake: the filling couldn’t be simpler! It is a kiss that does not go to the fire, that is, everything is very easy and fast. The yield is about 12 pots with 250g each.

5. Red Velvet in the pot: a beautiful, delicious and easy to make dessert. You will need plain yogurt, oil, egg, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, yeast, wheat flour, red food coloring, cream cheese, unsalted butter, vanilla extract and honey.

6. Brigadeiro de paçoca pot cake: whether to eat on a weekend, for example, or to give as a gift or sell, this cake in the pot is beautiful and easy to make! In addition to having in the filling the taste of a very dear sweet: paçoca.

special pot cakes

7. Romeo and Juliet cheesecake in the little pot: it gets a little neater touch and looks like a “special dessert”. But you don’t have to worry, because it’s easy and quick to make and still takes few ingredients.

8. Cassava pot cake with beijinho: can you imagine a very cold cassava cake with a beijinho filling with lots of coconut? Now imagine assembling it in a potty with several layers and lots of stuffing! The result is certainly wonderful!

9. Oreo mousse cake in the pot: perfect for those who love this cookie! Easy to prepare, you can make this pot cake to sell with the certainty that it will please a lot of people as the combination of flavors and textures is incredible!

10. Bolo de pot bem-casado: imagine taking the delicious bem-casado, adding a pastry cream and assembling it in the pot?! The result is delicious and you can make this cake to sell, to serve for the family or even to give as a gift.

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11. Suflair pot cake: another great option for those who want to make cake to sell! This one, in fact, is made in the marmitinha, ideal to be sold for children’s birthdays, for example. But you can also do it in the pot if you want.

12. Tiramisu in the pot: Yields eight servings. You will need mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, champagne biscuit, fresh cream, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, almond liqueur and very strong coffee, ready and iced.

13. Colorful pot cake: perfect to serve to children, for example, on a children’s birthday! You will need eggs, milk, sugar, butter, cornstarch, unbleached flour, chemical yeast, vanilla, colored sprinkles, cream cheese and turquoise food coloring.

14. Vegan cornmeal pot cake with guava and coconut cream: this recipe is a good option to give as a gift, serve at a June or July party, take to work or serve for guests. It is very tasty and the yield is six pots.

15. Vegan almond and cocoa pot cake: this recipe uses syrup made with cocoa, molasses and almond milk. It is made with nothing of animal origin and has an incredible flavor, which will please even those who are not vegan!

16. Chocolate pot cake, Negresco and dulce de leche: a cake mounted directly in the pot with lots of chopped Negresco cookies and dulce de leche! Perfect for parties, snacks or for sale. The preparation is no secret and the result is sure to surprise everyone, especially those who are crazy about dulce de leche!

Brownies and Pot Pies

17. White chocolate banana brownie: a great option to gift someone special. With a pretty spoon, a colorful ribbon and a card, this dessert becomes a gift full of affection and, of course, a lot of flavor!

18. Brownie in a jar with brigadeiro filling: good tip for gift giving, at Easter or any other special occasion. It is also an option to make in small jars and serve at parties. Not to mention that it’s fun to assemble the pots interspersing the layers of treats… Let your creativity flow!

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19. Lemon pie in the pot: a lemon pie is always welcome, right? But, how about getting away from the traditional format and making individual portions in glass jars? They are great to serve at parties and this format is also perfect to leave in the fridge without the pie drying out.

20. Dutch pot pie: some people make mistakes in the Dutch pie recipe because it has a cream that is kind of complicated to reach the right point and unmold later. But this version to serve in a cup or small pot is much simpler… It’s worth learning!

21. Potted banoffe pie: to make this delicacy, which can simply be eaten at home or sold, you will need eggs, sugar, vanilla essence, bananas, dulce de leche and Maizena cookies. You will surely be surprised by the appearance and taste!

22. Mini apple pie in a jar: learn how to make apple pie in a jar with super crispy dough and succulent filling. A perfect recipe to take on a picnic, for example, or to serve on birthdays.

23. Cup brownie fit: made in the microwave, it’s a good option for those who value a healthier dessert. You will use eggs, cocoa powder, oatmeal, demerara sugar, skim milk, zero-fat Greek yogurt, vanilla essence, homemade peanut butter, and baking powder.

Now you know: making cake in the pot has no secret! There is no standard recipe, it is much more a matter of using creativity and mixing flavors, colors and textures, creating a beautiful and delicious dessert.

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