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23 Images that will make you want to do a good house cleaning

It is essential to keep our homes as clean as possible, no one disputes this. And it’s no use looking for excuses to avoid doing that good cleaning: the important thing is to keep the spirits so that our house always has a pleasant air, making us always feel comfortable to receive our friends and relatives.

But we need to recognize that often, there is a lack of courage even to dismantle the Christmas tree. If for you, as for most mortals, the end of the holidays is not enough motivation for a careful observation of the organization of the home, it is good to take a close look at our selection of photos.

we, from awesome.club, we have already rolled up our sleeves and prepared all the cleaning products. We hope you too are excited to do that welcome cleaning.

The photo of the “after” kitchen cleaning could very well be in one of those decorating magazines

“I always said that my client should wash the wall. Finally, he accepted.”

“Visited my parents for Christmas and found this while helping them clean the pantry. Each can cost $100.”

When you’ve had something on your shelf for years without knowing what it really looked like

“I threw my cousin out of the house because he was just messing around”

This is how the sidewalks are cleaned in China

Only after a good cleaning was it possible to see how the metal bar should be

Some types of stoves may have the lid lifted for easier cleaning.

“It took me all day doing this. On the bright side, I found a lot of coins for my piggy bank.”

Fabric furniture also deserves a good cleaning.

“I helped my neighbor wash the facade of his house”

“This cleaning was only possible with a scraper integrated into a brush”

The transformation of the frying pan

This car has been parked for 2 years

“I had no idea of ​​the original color of this floor”

The pleasure of cleaning a dirty sink

The same goes for the oven.

“I arranged things on my dressing table”

“My sister said that high pressure cleaning machines couldn’t clean properly, so I got revenge on her the only way I could”

“Erin was wrong.”

“I would definitely pay more for the toilet if they made that part more accessible for cleaning”

“After a few weeks, I decided to get my hands dirty”

When cleaning becomes a creative process

“And aren’t those stones different colors?”

Bonus: a good friend is always willing to help

Which of the photos above did you find most impactful? Do you usually do a heavy cleaning at home? Comment!

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