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21 Times Wedding Cake Toppers Captured The Bride’s True Essence

A wedding is a very special time for everyone involved. For this reason, the bride and groom want to be sure that everything will go according to plan. This, sometimes, can mean giving a special touch that reflects the personality of the two in the decoration, or even in the traditional adornment placed on top of the cake, which can leave the common of two brides and gain a whole new face with a little imagination. .

Thinking of showing all the creativity and originality of the internet users, the awesome.club separated some of the most creative and charming wedding cake toppers, shared by netizens, especially for you. Check out!

“The request for was in front of giraffes, so I made the perfect cake topper for the wedding”

“Getting married this Friday and I’m sooo happy with our cake! I made the top myself with modeling clay”

Couple that play together, stay together

I surprised my husband with a custom cake topper for our wedding of us playing Magic the Gathering, because that’s what we do every Saturday morning. We also have our cats keeping us company, as they usually do. He loved it! © mrsspooner/ Reddit

“My husband and I are Star Trek fans. This was our wedding cake topper.”

a wild marriage

My fiance’s wedding ring is made from Tyrannosaurus bones! We kept everything else very traditional, so we wanted to have some fun with the cake topper. I loved it so much! © meeleesahh/ Reddit

And this cake topper, the cutest thing, from Animal Crossing

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“Our wedding cake topper was designed to look like our custom sneakers”

Straight from the bottom of the sea

I work as a professional mermaid, so I bought a cake topper and sculpted a mini-version of my tail showing. I believe it will give a special touch, without being tacky. © ladyelora/ Reddit

“We accept too”

I bought this custom cake topper from our cats for my wedding, as a surprise for my fiancé. We got married yesterday and I can finally show them!!! It was hand-painted, inspired by photos. © rachface636/ Reddit

“My cake topper. I used Homer and Marge dolls on prom day.”

“On Friday, December 6th, I married the love of my life and she was nice enough to let me pick the top of the cake.”

And who said kittens can’t be part of the wedding?

“Our kitten is like a daughter, so we needed to honor her at the wedding. We bought it at a R$1.99 store and painted it to match her color”.

“Our custom cake topper, with an inside joke, because he calls me The Donkey and I call him the Marmot”

“You and Me by the Sea”

Trying to be conscientious about what we do and don’t do so our wedding doesn’t go over budget. That’s one of the things I chose to splurge on: a manatee cake topper! Totally off topic though, I love manatees so this happened. © omgthehugemanatee/ Reddit

And I declare to you, Mister and Mistress Mouse

“My cake topper. I wanted something different and that included my kids. In the end, I loved how it turned out. I’ll have it framed, just so I can always look at it.”

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“Excited about my DIY cake topper! Eve will have a proper veil once my dress is ready.”

Lego dolls can also become super creative cake toppers

“I made cake toppers modeled after the bride and groom, in this case, me and my current husband”

And this crossover between Harry Potter and Avatar: The Legend of Korra + kittens?

“Our cake topper turned out better than I imagined”

And you, did you choose a creative cake topper and/or any different details for your wedding? Have you ever seen someone who stole the show at the wedding? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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