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21 Times Cleanliness And Organization Played A “Brilliant” Role

For many people, cleanliness and organization in environments bring a sense of relief and tranquility. After all, most people love to see their house shiny. And there are also those who are even obsessed with symmetry, color combination and the practical aspects of each room. For others, finding things perfectly organized is a mere minor detail.

Check the list prepared by awesome.club with situations in which internet users resorted to creative solutions to keep everything organized and create unique and cozy environments.

1. A perfect organization of books by color

2. The girl who owns this closet has more clothes than I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

3. Ready to start a new design project!

4. Much better!

5. “Before, it was a cutlery organizer tray. Now it’s for sauces”

6. Maximizing space

7. For those passionate about cleaning

8. “I decided to spend all day cleaning out our multi-purpose closet”

9. Functionality turned into art

10. “After countless failed attempts, my craft room is finally organized”

11. “Took advice and bought sets of velvet hangers: same amount of clothes, twice as much space!”

12. “The expression on his face when he saw his new craft space made it all worth it!”

13. Once Upon A Mess

14. “Today, I took time off work for my mental health and dedicated it to my home. This was the result:

15. Everything in its place

16. “Finally, I organized my workplace”

17. “Activity closet for kids. Everything under control, at last”

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18. “I don’t have much closet space in my apartment, so I turned a shoe rack into this!”

19. “Now I have a bigger office with enough space to store things”

20. “It took me about two months, but I did organize my spice cabinet”

21. “After months of neglect and battling depression, I finally cleaned up my kitchen!”

Are you on the team of those obsessed with cleaning or those who keep putting off cleaning until the end? What has been your greatest before-and-after achievement in a home setting? Comment!

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