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200 easy hairstyles for you to do yourself at home

When we want to change something in the look, hair is one of the first things we think of. But it doesn’t take a radical cut or drastic change in hair color to get out of the rut. With just a few accessories it is possible to make easy hairstyles, which already make a difference.

Learning how to do your hair at home is also great for when that sudden appointment comes up and we don’t have time to go to the salon or even because we need to save. Check out hundreds of photos to inspire your next hairstyles.

Long hair

A wide range of hairstyles can be done for those with long hair. The options range from simple hairstyles for everyday life, to more elaborate ones, for special events.

Medium hair

Medium hair gives a modern touch to the look, but when choosing the hairstyle, you also have the most classic options.

Short hair

Anyone who thinks that there are few hairstyle options for those with short hair is wrong. With a little creativity it is possible to create wonderful looks even with short hair.

afro hair

For afro hair the options are also quite varied. From hairstyles with accessories to even just bobby pins.

Here are tips from a hairstylist and 28 video tutorials with step-by-step simple hairstyles for all hair types and try the ones you like best.

hairstyles for short hair

Alex Pereira, hairstylist at Jacques Janine salon, says that this is a type of hair that you can add glamor to without spending too much. He gives three hairstyle tips:

  • After washing your hair, dry it with a hairdryer, making circular movements with the brush to make the bangs stand out. To shape the strand, use a styling pomade or mousse to style and give it movement.
  • Another idea is to bet on props, such as tiaras or banners.
  • One more option: with the hair already brushed, comb the strands back, model and unravel the topknot forward. Toss it to the side, or, put it back, leaving it stretched and higher. For a salon effect, use setting gel or styling spray. So the look is firm on the front.

Check out more cool hairstyle ideas for short hair that you can do yourself at home:

1. Half braided, by Pamella Rocha

Very simple hairstyle that gives a special touch to the look. Vlogger Pamella Rocha makes two braids, one on each side of her face and holds them back along with the top part of her hair.

2. Embedded mini braid, by Letícia Martins

If you have short hair, you can also braid it. In this video, vlogger Letícia Martins teaches how to make two mini-braids embedded on the side, which are cute. And best of all: in a very short time.

3. Three hairstyle ideas for short hair by Nothing but Pixies

Even with short hair it is possible to create several different looks. The vlogger first teaches a way to leave the hair well fixed and firm. The second option is messy hair. The third hairstyle is a mohawk.

4. Braided Tiara with Fringe, with Karen Bianchi

To make this tiara, you only need two braids in the front of the hair (one on each side) and then fasten in the back. Super simple. The blogger says that from this hairstyle you can continue others.

hairstyles for medium hair

For this hair length, the hairstylist gives two hairstyle tips.

  • Side braid: use the curling iron or flat iron to curl the locks. Separate a strand on one side of the head. Gather all the strands and start braiding this strand, without leaving strands loose. You can use a spray to fix the strands and make the hairstyle firmer. Add new strands to the braid and secure it with a silicone rubber band at the end. To finish, secure the strand with the rest of the hair with bobby pins.
  • Part your hair in half. Separate strands on the sides and twist pulling back. After the hair is already twisted on both sides, secure it with a silicone rubber band, secure the strands with bobby pins and hairspray if necessary.

See other hairstyle options for medium length hair in the videos below:

5. Bun with braid, by Juliana Goes

For this hairstyle you will need bobby pins, rubber bands and a sock! The vlogger makes two braids, one on each side, at the front of her hair. Then secure it with the rest of your hair and make the bun using the sock.

6. Half Imprisoned, by Niina Secrets

The secret to making this hairstyle look cool is to add volume to the hair. And when it’s time to fasten, it’s interesting to twist the hair, for the fit to be more beautiful.

7. Inverted bun, by Cristhiane Oliveira

Perfect hairstyle for medium hair. It’s super sophisticated. If you want to give it an extra touch, a tip is to add some accessory to the bun.

8. French Braid, by Niina Secrets

In a very simple way it is possible to make this super versatile hairstyle. Niina says that the charm of this braid is to leave it with volume in the front and a little messier.

hairstyles for long hair

For long hair, Alex suggests a side ponytail: part your hair on the opposite side where the ponytail will be. After that, put your hair to the chosen side and comb it back. To fix the hairstyle, use fixing gel. To make the hairstyle even more original and creative, it is possible to secure the hair using a thin strand that will wrap the low tail. Check out more ideas for long hair below:

9. Tied Aside, by Camila Coelho

Simple and delicate. For the hairstyle to be more beautiful, prefer to use the hair curled, so it becomes more voluminous. In just a few minutes you will be ready to rock.

10. Braided bun, by Lu Ferraes

This bun is super classic and sophisticated, so it can be used for a more formal occasion. The hairstyle is so beautiful that it looks like it was done by a professional.

11. Topknot with loose hair, by Bianca Andrade

To make the hairstyle perfect, the blogger says that the secret is to use the bumpit with Velcro – in the description of the video she shows where to buy it. He who gives volume to the tuft.

hairstyles for afro hair

For Afro hair Alex says that accessories such as: arrangements, headbands, buckles, scarves, barrettes and clips applied to the side of the hair make up the look and make any woman more stylish. The hairstylist gives the tip to dry using a diffuser, so the hair doesn’t get too voluminous and gains lightness. Here are more ideas for you to try:

12. Stuck in the Back, by Cindy Rizos

This is a super different hairstyle, the back of the hair is pinned and the front is left loose. Cindy teaches you how to do it in a few moments and gives tips for those who have short hair or a little longer.

13. Half arrested, by Negra Rosa

Perfect for that day when you’re in a hurry but want to do something different with your hair. Using just a few bobby pins, the blogger holds parts of her hair, and leaves others loose.

14. Topknot bun, by Márcia Pacheco

This is a very relaxed bun, it is very loose and with volume. To complete the look, you can play around with accessories. A flower, for example, gives a delicate touch to the hairstyle.

15. Scarves and clips for short curly hair, by Maraisa Fidelis

Those who have very short hair may feel a little difficult when it comes to changing. But in this video the blogger shows that using only scarves or bobby pins, it is possible to get out of the routine with four different hairstyles.

16. Mohawk, by Jessica Reis

The mohawk is super cute for those who have curly or curly hair. As these types of hair already have a natural volume, it is easier than doing it on those who have straight hair.

hairstyles for school

The hairstylist’s tip is to bet on the layered ponytail: divide your hair into 4 layers, they should be one on top of the other and following an imaginary line that starts at the top of your head and goes to the back of your neck. Repeat with the other layers the same step mentioned above.

More options for simple hair to do and suitable for going to school:

17. Twisted ponytail, by Taciele Alcolea

Perfect for everyday use, and it takes just a few minutes. This ponytail is low and done to the side. The twist gives a more romantic face to the look.

18. Ponytail, by Juliana Goes

As much as it is one of the simplest hairstyles of all, some people can’t pull off the perfect ponytail. In this video the blogger teaches how to fasten

19. Embedded braid, by Jéssica Flores

The built-in braid seems to be difficult to do, but whoever thinks that way is wrong. Seeing the step by step it is possible to do this hairstyle without difficulty.

20. Simple bun, by Bianca Andrade

Quick and simple to do, this bun is higher and more relaxed, as it is a little loose and with some strands falling out. Perfect for that “bad hair day” when nothing looks good on your hair.

wedding hairstyles

For weddings, the hairstylist suggests a herringbone braid and explains the step by step: divide the hair into two parts. Pass the right part over the left. Take a thin strand from the right part and cross it over the left. For a more elaborate look, use thin strands. Pass a strand from left to right. The one on the left must go over it, crossing the one on the right. Continue passing one strand over the other, always leaving both strands crossed. Then just secure it with an elastic band.

In addition to this hairstyle, you can bet on one of the following suggestions. Check out:

21. Smooth tail with topknot, by Camila Coelho

This hairstyle is daring, but it is also very versatile and can be used on many occasions. It starts with the topknot, and after it’s ready, just make the ponytail.

22. Stuck on the romantic side, by Lu Ferraes

Perfect for those who like a more delicate and romantic look. Even though it has a light touch, it holds up well and can be used in situations where you need the hairstyle to last a long time.

23. Hair tied on the side, by Lu Carrilho

Those who have short curly hair can also innovate their hairstyle when going to a graduation. With just bobby pins and a fine-tooth comb, you can have an amazing result.

24. Stripped bun, by Laura Seleghin

For those who want a more relaxed look, this hairstyle fits perfectly. All you need is a tie to make a ponytail and bobby pins to secure the bun. Very easy and is very smooth.

hairstyles for graduation

For this occasion the hairstylist suggests the braided side bun. Check out the step by step: part the bangs and wrap them with a bob on top of the head. Part your hair tossing it to the side. Take a small part of the front of the hair and the debt in three, to start making the side braid. Join the already started braid with a little more hair that is loose. The braid should be very tight and done diagonally. When you finish the braid, secure it with an elastic band and use spray to secure the strands. Wrap the braid up and in, as if it were a small bun that will be positioned at the nape of the neck. Setted up…

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