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20 Times Shadows Acquired Strange Shapes and Confused People

From an early age we learn that shadows appear with light. Most likely, all of us, at some time, played with ours or made some shadow figure with our hands, and we had a lot of fun, because we knew exactly what object we wanted to represent. However, when we see a shadow and we don’t understand how it formed, we are left thinking: what happened there?

today, in awesome.club we will show you some shadows that made us look twice to understand how they were formed.

1. “I found this branch and its shadow looks like a catacana, traditional Japanese sword”

2. “The shadow on this door makes it look crooked”

3. “Toilet paper is gone, but its shadow persists”

4. “My phone cord did not form this figure”

5. This steering wheel seems to be up to something

6. “The way these dumpsters are lined up makes their shadows look like a group of bad guys”

7. “The shadow of my bananas formed the silhouette of a cat”

8. “This shadow looks very distorted”

9. “A Castle of Shadows”

10. “My kitchen lights cast a perfect gradient checkered shade on this box”

11. “The shadow of the fence makes the tall grass look cut in half”

12. “The way the shadow of my LEGO bricks is cast in the afternoon on the sofa”

13. “The shadow of my mixing spring”

14. “The shadow of dawn in my tea, in a glass cup”

15. “The shadow of my hummingbird feeder also looks like a hummingbird”

16. “I opened a drawer in the kitchen and the shadow formed a perfect arrow”

17. “The shadow of our plane in a rainbow over the clouds”

18. “Hoses do not have a solid shadow at the water inlet and outlet points”

19. “The shadow of my hand on the window looks pixelated”

20. “The bag of kitty litter in my bathroom formed a shadow that looks like a cat”

What objects did you come across and did their shadows look like other things? What’s the weirdest shadow you’ve ever seen? Share in the comments!

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