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20 Things Men Wish Women Knew

There are some facts about men that many women are still unaware of. However, for the coexistence between the two sexes to become more harmonious, it is important that both try to know even the less happy details about the opposite sex.

With knowledge of these facts and curiosities it is possible to avoid embarrassing situations or even prevent the cat you are in love with slipping through your fingers.

A little dedication to learning more about men can benefit you in many areas of life and will certainly come in handy when you least expect it.

Check out the list of 20 things men would like women to know below and discover the male wills and opinions:

  1. Men believe that when a woman is really interested she shouldn’t be playing hard to get;
  2. For men, shopping is a chore, not a leisure activity;
  3. Men love women without makeup and think they look sexier in their natural style;
  4. Men are practically all the time willing to have sex, if the woman wants to;
  5. Men in general only listen to women when they are talking, and ignore them if they start screaming;
  6. For them, masturbation is mere practice for the big time and should be encouraged;
  7. Men also like hugs and caresses and that doesn’t always mean they want sex;
  8. Sometimes a man may lie to make you happy, after all, many times when a woman asks his opinion she expects to hear something good and that is not always the truth;
  9. Men in general do not have the talent to choose clothes for a woman and if she asks for it he is almost certain to make the wrong choice;
  10. Men like it when a woman dresses more sensually, but that doesn’t apply to visiting his parents’ house;
  11. Men love to receive compliments, but they don’t like to be called “cute”;
  12. For men, being good in bed means having enthusiasm, a sense of humor and sometimes a little patience too;
  13. The first time men are just as nervous as women;
  14. Men love having a woman with a good sense of humor around, not a woman who complains about everything all the time;
  15. For men, a more daring and unexpected caress is always welcome;
  16. Men love it when women cook for them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help out once in a while;
  17. It is very difficult for men to remember every sentence that someone has said when they are recounting something that has happened;
  18. Men find women very sexy when they’re in workout clothes or bare-shouldered;
  19. Men are very excited to see a woman caressing herself;
  20. Men like it when women say what they think they got wrong, but not so much when they keep repeating the same thing over and over.
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Text partially extracted and adapted from Men’s Health magazine.

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