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20 things about sex you need to know by your 20s

When we turn 20, for better or for worse, our sex life is still young. As much as we may believe that we already know everything (which may even be possible), the truth is that the more maturity and experience, the more we know how to deal with sex and its mysteries.

And how many mysteries! Knowing about sex requires a lot of attitude and courage, because the subject is still a big taboo, especially for women and especially for young women. It is common to feel shy and insecure to talk openly about sex with our family, friends and even doctors. But to really know everything about this subject, you need to ask, listen to the opinions of others and, of course, experiment.

Want tips that really work? We invite Relationship Coach Suzana Leal, to mention some important points of this phase of your sex life that can help you feel more secure and be prepared for all the surprises that sex will still provide you. Here are the 20 things you should know about sex in your 20s:

1. You are entitled to pleasure

Sex is made for both of you, no matter what men or your grandmother says. Suzana Leal points out the importance of knowing and demanding that sex be an exchange of desires and satisfactions, and not a one-way path to please only one.

2. You have the capacity to feel a lot of pleasure

Your body is ready for pleasure, did you know? For that, in addition to your erogenous points, you have the incredible clitoris, which exists exclusively for your pleasure and allows for multiple orgasms. You just need to get to know him better to check out everything he can provide you.

3. Sex is just another part of the relationship

If you lost your virginity at the average Brazilian age, at age 20 it will only be around 5 that you are sexually active. In a time of so many discoveries about this activity (and that there is always more to learn about), be careful not to value sex in a relationship so much. Sex is important, yes, but it’s not what guides a secure and lasting relationship.

4. Have good oral sex

Oral sex is a general preference, everyone likes it. Oral sex is not a gift, nor an obligation. Learn to enjoy doing it and receiving it.

5. Knowing how to have fun with sex

The tension of early sex can make us regularly focus on pleasing our partner. Unfortunately this way, no one will really enjoy it, because you can’t offer what you don’t have. Free yourself to enjoy sex as a pleasurable and fun activity and take the opportunity to feel everything it can provide you.

6. Reach orgasm with penetration

It is now known that every orgasm depends on the clitoris, but as it is much larger than we can see, and involves the opening of the vulva, orgasm by penetration is possible. The best tip is self-knowledge and concentration. In the act of sex, empty your mind of other matters and focus your attention on your sensations.

7. Reach orgasm with oral sex

Which is not difficult to achieve if the guy does it with the will to please. More than half of women say they only reach orgasm with oral sex.

8. Knowing how to masturbate

Masturbation is a risk-free activity and should not contain any taboo. Knowing how to touch yourself, you will have an easier time achieving pleasure, you will know your preferences and you will be able to say them to your partner.

9. Body self-knowledge

Never be ashamed to know your own body. If there’s something about your body and sexuality that you still don’t quite understand, it’s past time to get informed and understand. Look in the mirror, touch yourself and don’t be ashamed to know the anatomy of your body.

10. Go to the motel

Fun and exciting as well as being a great curiosity! Go to the motel with your partner or “girlfriend”, either by arrangement or by surprise. But it’s only legal even if you get rid of prejudices and are in the mood to do what is done in motels: sex.

11. Go to the gynecologist

Before and after the start of sexual life, it is very important that you see a gynecologist regularly. Take the opportunity to remove, without fear, all your doubts about sex, diseases, condoms, body changes…

12. Knowing how to say no

Insecurity or the desire to make a good sexual impression can lead you to give in too much to the desires of others that you don’t like. Don’t put yourself down in the face of pressure from your partner. “No succumbing to his desires that make you feel bad or disgust you with fear of not being loved or accepted”, completes Relationship Coach Suzana Leal.

13. Choose your favorite contraceptive method

This is a serious matter. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that things only happen to others. It is very important that you choose the method you want to adopt and know how to use it correctly. The condom should be an almost “must have” feature and the other method to combine is up to you to choose. In addition to diseases that can bring you a lot of headache, the need for this choice also protects you against an unexpected pregnancy.

14. Coitus interruptus is pierced

Just because your friend always uses this tactic and it works, or because your partner swears he knows how to control himself, doesn’t mean coitus interruptus is safe. In fact, it is probably the biggest cause of unwanted pregnancies. Nothing guarantees you that something won’t go wrong, and anyway, that way you won’t be prevented from sexually transmitted diseases.

15. Not being ashamed to talk openly about sex

With friends, boyfriend, family… Sex is an activity that everyone does and a subject that interests everyone as well. It can do you a lot of good to talk about sex and desires with other people. You will feel more secure and less isolated in your doubts.

16. Which sex with love is better

Suzana Leal thinks it’s important to be aware that sex is different and usually better with a steady partner. When there is sexual attraction plus love, the pleasure is limitless. In addition, with the steady partner you develop more intimacy and both can learn what pleases them, which will make sex even better.

17. That sex without love can be really cool

If what you feel is just sexual attraction, no problem. Forget the fears and enjoy having fun. Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to long-term relationships or demands. If you’re up for a no-strings-attached sex and you think you can do it without getting hurt, go for it.

18. Nothing is forbidden in sex

If both of you are feeling respected and happy, anything goes. Within four walls, everything the two want is free. There are no rules for pleasurable sex. Get rid of your traditional ties and have fun.

19. Feel free to experiment

As long as you respect your physical and emotional limits, are protected and really want to, experience everything that sex can give you. Whether with a steady partner, or several partners, you have the right to experience and feel everything you want.

20. You are ready!

Life is made of living and experiences. You don’t need to know everything about sex or be the queen of the bed to be a sexually interesting person. Know how to respect your limits and value your qualities and nothing will stop you from having a satisfying sex life.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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