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20+ Stuntmen behind the great personalities and world stars

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to make a copy of themselves and delegate all the hard work to it? As incredible as it sounds, some celebrities have this possibility. In the most difficult moments of filming, producers often substitute stuntmen for stars. They are responsible for recording the riskiest scenes, as, most of the time, they are experienced professionals, capable of executing the movements correctly and safely, unlike the actors.

We, from incredible.club, we decided to highlight 22 stuntmen, responsible for helping the stars to make their work even better and their lives a little easier. And in the bonus, you can also check that it is not always the main actor who appears in the scenes of the final version of some films. Check out!

The lady on the right is Ella Slack — the Queen of England’s stunt double

Ella Slack has been working as a double for the Queen at rehearsals at official ceremonies for over 30 years, but she doesn’t get paid for it, believing that doing this job is quite simply an honour.

This is Robert Pattinson’s stunt double on the set of the future movie The Batman (still no Portuguese version)

Jennifer Lopez and her stunt double on the recordings of Shades of Blue: Police Secrets🇧🇷 The stunt double replaced the actress in the chase scenes.

Joaquin Phoenix explaining the nuances of his role to his stunt double during the filming of joker

Grant Gustin rehearsing with his stunt double on the set of the series The Flash

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Melissa McBride and her stunt double on the recordings of The Walking Dead

In the fight scenes with Bane in Batman the Dark Knight RisesBatman was not played by Christian Bale, but by his stunt double, Bobby Hanton

Meet Margot Robbie’s charming stunt double at Birds of Prey: One Harley Quinn and Her Fantabulous Emancipation

Chris Hemsworth and his stunt double on the recordings of Thor

And another photo of the two on the last day of filming for the film.

Here’s the two together again on the film’s recordings Bad Times at the Hotel Royale

This was Will Smith’s stunt double in hidden beauty

Right — Tanoai Reed, Dwayne Johnson’s stunt double

The Rock has a fixed double: to be able to physically correspond to the actor, it is necessary to dedicate your whole life to work — having practically the same food, hours of sleep, training and, of course, physical stature.

Tom Holland analyzing his stunt double’s costume on the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Nathan Jones with Tom Hardy’s stunt double on the recordings of Mad Max: Fury Road

Wonder Woman’s stunt double performed all the stunts after actress Adrianne Palicki injured her leg while filming a series about this heroine that never aired.

Tom Hardy with his stunt double on the recordings of The Return

Keanu Reeves usually performs almost all the dangerous action scenes alone, but in John Wick 3: Parabellum ended up needing the help of the stunt double

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Mark Wahlberg with his stunt double on the recordings of Transformers: The Last Knight

This was Bruce Willis’ stunt double in the movie Red 2 — Retired and Even More Dangerous

Brad Pitt with his stunt double on the recordings of Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Bonus: Sometimes stunt doubles end up appearing in the final cut of movies

Can you tell when a scene is done by the actor and when it’s done by the stuntman? Have you ever encountered other stuntmen in final cuts of movies? Tell us in the comments section.

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