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20 Stuffed Pepper Recipes for a Successful Meal

Stuffed peppers is an extremely versatile dish, as it goes well as a starter, accompaniment and even as a main meal. Also, the variety of fillings you can choose from is quite wide. To make it even better, it can be boiled or baked. Liked? So, check out the recipes below and choose your favorite!

1. Pepper stuffed with cheese

This is a recipe that only takes two ingredients: bell pepper and gorgonzola. As this is a cheese that has a strong flavor, the tip is to use yellow peppers, which are softer than green peppers. In addition, the method of preparation is simple and the time in the kitchen is short. It’s just advantages!

2. Pepper stuffed with sausage

Want to innovate in your barbecue side dishes? So, this recipe is worth checking out. That’s because the preparation of this dish is on the grill. Here, the pepper chosen is red, and the stuffing is sausage with coalho cheese, onion, olive oil and grated parmesan.

3. Stuffed peppers in the airfryer

Leftover rice and beans from your last meal and you want to give them a new use? Here, these ingredients are used as a stuffing for the peppers, combined with the cap of the fruit and Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, as well as seasonings. With this option, in addition to reusing food, you still spend little time in the kitchen preparing it in the airfryer.

4. Stuffed peppers in the pan

In this recipe, you start by learning how to prepare a well-seasoned braised ground beef. Afterwards, it is used to stuff green peppers, which are then boiled in a pan with a little water for approximately 35 minutes.

5. Stuffed peppers on the grill

This is a very practical recipe for barbecue time. Here, the peppers are cut in half, stuffed with seasoned but still raw ground beef, and placed inside the grill. Uncomplicated, this is an option that will be a big hit at your table. It’s worth checking out all the tips in the video!

6. Peppers stuffed with smoked ricotta

In this recipe, the mashed ricotta is combined with cream cheese and salt, in addition to being seasoned with salt and pepper. This mixture is used to stuff the peppers, which go to the oven in a refractory covered with well-seasoned peeled tomatoes. See the detailed preparation method to try at home.

7. Peppers stuffed with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce, salt, herbs and black pepper are the ingredients needed to prepare the pepper filling. There are few items, but they already guarantee a succulent meal. Also, this is an oven recipe, which should be baked for approximately 20 minutes. Check out the full step by step.

8. Pepper stuffed with creamy rice

To make the cooked rice very creamy, the tip is to combine it with cottage cheese, cream and Parmesan cheese. In addition, mustard and corn also help to increase the preparation. This is a simple recipe, but it is already a good request to innovate in the kitchen. Learn how to do it!

9. Pepper stuffed with rice and egg

Quick to prepare, this is a good option to give a new use to the classic combination of rice and egg. Here, the grain is cooked with carrots and goes inside the already roasted peppers. The raw egg also comes into play at this point. Then, just take the plate to bake.

10. Pepper stuffed with sardines

Sardines sauteed with tomato sauce is a great option for filling for those looking for a striking flavor. But that’s not all: the topping of this dish is still on account of a crunchy farofinha. That way, you get a very interesting texture contrast, not to mention the incredible flavor. It’s worth checking out the step by step!

11. Peppers stuffed with chicken and cheese

This is a recipe in which the peppers are pre-cooked and stuffed with a chicken in a red sauce with very creamy mozzarella. In addition, cottage cheese and mozzarella help to finish the dish. After that, it should go in the oven to brown for approximately 20 minutes.

12. Pepper stuffed with chicken and gorgonzola

Shredded chicken, gorgonzola and mozzarella are the ingredients chosen to stuff the peppers in this recipe. Here, the preparation is in the airfryer, which saves time and also ensures practicality in the kitchen. Without complications, you get a result beyond tasty.

13. Pepper stuffed with lamb

For an irresistible flavor, the tip of this recipe is to use ground lamb and season it well. For this, the meat is combined in a bowl with bacon, onion, garlic, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, salt, pepper and parsley. Then, just stuff the peppers and take them to roast wrapped in aluminum foil. See the detailed preparation method to try it out!

14. Pepper stuffed with ground beef and cheese

This is that kind of recipe that has no secrets and is perfect to please the most varied palates. After all, red peppers are stuffed with a well-seasoned braised ground beef and topped with mozzarella.

15. Peppers stuffed with ground beef and cheddar

Like the idea of ​​stuffing peppers with ground beef and cheese, but don’t want to use mozzarella? So, this recipe that takes cheddar and parmesan might be a good choice.

16. Peppers stuffed with ground beef and bacon

Bacon is that kind of ingredient that can make several dishes tastier and, with stuffed peppers, this is no different. Here, the sausage is fried in the same pan in which the ground beef is prepared. To make it even more juicy, tomato extract also comes into play. To close with a golden key, the tip is to use mozzarella.

17. Pepper stuffed with ground beef, cheese and egg

Green peppers, ground beef, tomato, egg, tomato sauce, mozzarella and seasonings are the only ingredients used in this recipe. Even with a short list of items, you can get a dish that mixes very varied flavors. As the method of preparation is simple, even those who have no experience in the kitchen can easily achieve a successful result.

18. Pepper stuffed with ground beef, cheese and curd

You may have already noticed that it is common to stuff peppers with ground meat. However, to go further, this recipe still proposes using cream cheese and mozzarella. Thus, you guarantee more flavor to your dish, even without having to have a lot of extra work in the kitchen.

19. Stuffed peppers with hamburger

In this recipe, ground beef is seasoned and mixed with egg and stale bread. This is the combination to prepare the hamburger, which goes raw inside the pepper. To increase the flavor, tomato sauce, cottage cheese and cheese are also part of the dish.

20. Vegan stuffed peppers

The last recipe on the list is free of animal ingredients and will easily conquer your taste buds. Here, the tip is to use rice with lentils for the stuffing. Since lentils must rest in water for 8 hours before cooking, you need to prepare in advance to test this option.

Now that you’ve checked out all these amazing recipes, it’s time to separate the ones you liked the most to try at home. And if you want to venture even further into the kitchen, also see how to prepare eggplant parmigiana, a very practical Italian dish!

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