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20+ Really Inspiring Proofs of Love

The love we feel for our friends and family is one of the purest and truest feelings and can be shown in many different ways.

O awesome.club defends the idea that good feelings always generate other good feelings. So today we bring you some examples of people who decided to prove what they feel for loved ones in the most unusual way possible.

1. “My sweet niece drew my engagement photo as a birthday present for my husband. It’s your favorite picture of the two of us.”

2. “Gift my mother made with my late daughter’s face”

3. “Surprised my ACNH-obsessed niece with an early Christmas present, handmade by me!”

4. The surprise that a boy prepared for his girlfriend who would spend a year away from school: 365 envelopes to open one a day

5. “A year ago, I sent my dad a meme. I didn’t know he had it printed and placed in the office.”

“My father / I
How was your day, son?”

6. “My son broke his wrist and I decided to spruce up his cast. He loved it and is super happy that he finally has a ‘tattoo’”

7. “’Happiness Meter’ I made for my girlfriend. The closer she is to me, the happier I am. Now you know how it works”

8. “I let my hair grow out for seven years. My stepmother passed away from cancer and in her memory I decided to cut it up and donate it”

9. A creative boyfriend presents his girlfriend with a chair so that, when sitting, she feels on a kind of “throne”. Incidentally, the chair was from a local bar where they had their first date.

10. Best Friends Forever!

11. A dollhouse to surprise. “Sean Murphy and Sophie Vellacott’s Wedding” is written on a board!

12. “I wanted to surprise my mom, so I framed a drawing I did of grandpa. Many tears of happiness”

13. “My wife loves Beauty and the Beast, so I made a drawing of the movie for a stained glass window in our apartment”

14. “I made a shawl of leaves to bring some fresh air to my friend who is undergoing chemotherapy”

15. “I made a custom desk for my girlfriend’s tiny apartment so she can stop working at the kitchen counter”

16. A ‘rope remote’ I made. My grandma can button it to the bed and pull it out when the remote drops!

17. “I carved a bracelet using a piece of solid wood and gave it to my wife for Christmas!”

18. Pendants made by a boyfriend with a map of his and his lover’s city. The cut in the middle is the road between their houses

19. “A memorial tattoo. The embroidery was done by my late wife 13 years ago”

20. “My parents divorced 25 years ago and have never spoken again. They surprised me at my wedding with a dance.”

21. “In memory of my grandfather”

Has anyone in your family ever done something like this? And what’s the biggest thing you’ve ever done for love? We’d love to read your story in the comments!

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