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20+ Proofs that Italy is a country full of colors, flavors and charms

It’s no secret that Italy has long won the hearts of tourists from all over the world. After all, the country has an undeniable charm and charm, ranging from the charming medieval streets and Roman fountains of its cities, to the beautiful canals of Venice and its breathtaking cuisine. But Italy is so diverse and has such a rich culture, that it is practically impossible to know all the nuances and curiosities of everyday life in the country.

We, from awesome.club, we never cease to be amazed by the beauties and curiosities of life in Italy, and we are ready to take you with us on a journey across the country. In the bonus, you can also check out how to know if there is an Italian living in the house. Follow!

“My brother ate this pizza in Rome”

It’s a Paperino (Donald Duck) pizza. She is usually a hit with the kids. In my opinion, a pizza with cheap ingredients loved by children. © Marcus_Aurelius753 / Reddit

“Fun graffiti at the high school where I teach in Italy”

“The peculiarities of parking your car in Italy”

When leaving, the Italians still pull over and push the cars parked in front and behind. When we first saw this, we were in shock. But an Italian friend explained to us that this is normal there. © Karimshina / Pikabu

Tourists can make a mold of its silhouette and leave it as a sculpture in the castle of Vezio, Italy.

These intriguing sculptures are called “ghosts”. To create these eerily beautiful works, you can become a model for a day: every summer, tourists who agree to participate pose in a certain position and are covered with gauze and plaster, lying still for about 20 minutes until it dries. The sculptures remain on display in the castle until they are destroyed by snow in winter. © Beautiful_Lifeguard / Reddit

“This is the rarest noodle in the world. It’s called ‘Threads of God’, and it’s only found in Italy.”

Su filindeu is what this pasta is called in Sardinian, the local language of its region of origin in Italy. Only three women in the world know how to do it and they all live on the island of Sardinia. The dough is prepared once every two years for the San Francisco Festival.

“Glamping where I stayed a few months ago in Piedmont, Italy”

Glamping is an English word that means “camping with glamour”. – Note awesome.club

Strolling through ancient streets in Italy, you can still see the rings where people used to tether their horses

On the island of Burano, two neighboring houses cannot have the same color. And to paint, residents need a special permit from the government.

“Women making pasta in the streets of Bari”

“The Fiat 500… is also Italy!”

“The most inviting pottery shop in Florence, Italy”

“Our first breakfast camping in Italy”

“Fresh olives directly from the producers, bruschetta, homemade grissinos with prosciutto, ciabatta, sweet pastries with vanilla cream and of course a fresh coffee.”

A traffic light that looks more like a “transformer” in Bologna

What an ambulance and courier transports look like in Venice

“I just found out that in Italy they have an almost 1 m package of Pringles”

“My beautiful Italian grandmother aged 85”

“Apparently pasta for dogs is a common thing in Italy”

“Fountains where you can fill your water bottle in Italy”

It is completely secure as required by law. In some springs, the water may have a slight rust or mineral taste, but it is still safe to drink. © gerri_ / Reddit

“A dog toilet on the overnight ferry from Sardinia to Livorno city”

“Some photos of Carnival in Venice”

Italians work on their costumes all year round so they can proudly wear them and pose at Carnival. And they get nothing for it.

A sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn to draw attention to the problem of flooding in Venice

A snack in Venice

Bonus: How to tell if there’s an Italian living in the house

What would you like to see first in Italy? Do you know any other curiosity about life in the country? Tell us in the comments section.

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