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20 phrases from the Lucifer series for those who are passionate about this story

God made me his most beautiful and smartest angel to later punish me for my perfection.

Love is like fire, it burns and is a flame that does not go out. Love is the only thing that can keep you alive forever in your mind and heart.

Did you know that there is a special place in hell reserved for bullies?

I thought you had more faith in your belief.

Being vulnerable can be scary, but there are benefits to opening up to someone.

People sometimes kill people they’re in love with. Mysterious heart.

Emotions are difficult, but they are what make you stronger.

Someone up there is taking care of us.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes lately, but the biggest one was hurting you.

I am a human paradox.

Repent of your sins before it’s too late!

I don’t care what the critics say. It gives visibility.

People like to tell me things. Those deep, dirty, nasty desires that are on your mind.

People need time to adapt to changes.

I prefer lust over love. It’s a lot less complicated and a lot more fun.

I worry about people’s lack of evolution.

You’re right about me having changed and that I have no control over it. And you know what? This feeling is magnificent.

I still think about you. Every day. And every time I see you I miss you too.

We need more love when we are hardest to love.

In this world you can buy everything with money.

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