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20+ Photos of mesmerizing treats capable of leaving anyone awestruck

The taste for perfection is part of the characteristic of some people and images that portray this cause undeniable satisfaction for them. Now, imagine seeing perfectionism in the form of food, in its various shapes, colors and flavors. After all, who doesn’t drool over that drink that has perfect layers or that pudding so magnificent the surface looks like a mirror?

We, from awesome.club, we love to make our readers feel warm in their hearts. For this, we selected 23 photos of food, the most diverse, proving that perfectionism is also in the art of cooking with love and dedication.

1. “Saturday Morning Sourdough Baguettes”

2. “For those who like symmetry even when cooking eggs”

3. “My grandmother helped me by holding my hand during my first attempt at Baklava”

4. “We took the seal off the peanut butter jar and the contents were absolutely perfect”

5. “The layers of my Chai Latte made this morning”

6. To start loving (or continue to love) Japanese food

7. “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup”

8. Think of a perfect dessert!

9. “This year’s flan is perfect. You can see the REFLECTION of our chandelier in it!”

10. “Tower of 250 macarons as part of a wedding table”

11. “Gummy bears sorted by color”

12. “Flower-shaped shortbread cookies”

13. Apples of love that not even the “wicked witch” could resist

14. Every apple slice was placed perfectly in this eye-popping pie

15. “Probably the prettiest bread I’ve ever made”

16. “Lapis Cake (Thousand Layer Cake), my mom made this”

17. I don’t even want to eat it, it’s so perfect

18. Who said perfect rocambole doesn’t exist?

19. “Croissant I made this morning”

20. How many meters is this churro?

21. “Purple Sweet Potato Cube with Melted Cheese”

22. And this simply mesmerizing sweet bread?

23. “Cinnamon apple star bread”

Were you stunned by so many delicacies and their perfections? Has he ever made something so perfect that he even lost the urge to eat? Are there records? If so, show us in the comments! We would love to see!

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