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20 most popular dog breeds among Brazilian owners

In 2018, around 132 million pets were registered in our country. And, in this vast collection of pets, there are dogs of different colors and sizes that share a very special place in our hearts. But have you ever wondered which breeds are most popular in the country?

O awesome.club came to show the results of a count called the Canine Census, which evaluated more than 350,000 dogs registered in a database to publish the results with the most popular breeds among owners. Let’s tell you everything.

20. pitbull

The breed has managed to overcome the prejudice created against it about being aggressive. In fact, these dogs are extremely affectionate, loyal and intelligent. They are great with children and have long been known as “nanny dogs”.

19. Chow Chow

Who has never heard of this blue-tongued lion? Chow chows are incredibly cute and elegant. Owners often report that they are very territorial, so they make great guard dogs.

18. Cocker Spaniel

Known for being one of the world’s favorite dog breeds. They have a docile appearance, with their large, floppy ears and rounded eyes. In tremendous diversity, there are more than thirty color combinations.

17. English Bulldog

The clumsy cutie. His playful and affectionate temperament makes him one of the favorites among the variations of the breed.

16. Border Collie

The breed is considered one of the smartest and most loyal. He is always willing to practice some activity. Ideal for those who need a companion for more energetic routines.

15. Beagle

The stubborn and greedy ones that captivate any heart. The breed is known for its scent, its friendliness, its agitation and its huge ears.

14. German Spitz

Also known as the Pomeranian, the breed tends to be given cute names. And no less. She delights anyone with her joy and unique coat. He loves to be around the owner, making the breed an excellent companion dog.

13. Schnauzer

The breed is known for its “beard” and its bushy eyebrows, giving it a grandpa-like face. It is divided into three categories according to its size: small, medium and large; pleasing all tastes.

12. Pinscher

These mini-Dobermans are the definition of bravery. On the internet they are known in a joke as “pure hate and trembling”. The reason for this is their inexhaustible energy and their sharp bark when they notice something wrong around them. They are excellent guardians and live up to the expression “size doesn’t matter”.

11. Dachshund

Commonly confused with the “Basset” breed, also known as sausage dogs or sausage dogs, were fearless burrow hunters. Nowadays, they have put aside their warrior past to make great companions.

10. Pug

These little wrinkles are extremely friendly. Not being a sporting breed, Pugs are content to just be around their owners.

9. Labrador

The breed is irresistible to anyone who loves dogs. They are friendly, nice and make a point of being the joy of the house. They are faithful and love to please their owners, so, if well trained, they are usually the breed of choice to support people with special needs.

8. Golden Retriever

It is a breed known for its sweet temperament and silky coat. It is extremely lovable and a good companion for humans and other animals. A family breed that loves affection.

7. Maltese

There are those who think that, due to their small size and their white and super soft fur, they are delicate. They are smart, docile and very playful dogs. Full of energy they often compete in agility competitions.

6. French Bulldog

A very versatile breed. They are quiet and very attentive to their humans. They are great play dogs as well as great companions for lounging around the house.

5. Lhasa Apso

They are ideal for those who live in a small environment. They make great guard dogs as well as undeniable companions. Nowadays they are still confused with the Shih Tzu, but their strong temperament makes the breed unique.

4. Poodle

One of the most intelligent breeds among dogs. Known for their traditionally curly coat and their diversity in colors and sizes, they are faithful and very obedient dogs.

3. Yorkshire

It is quite easy to recognize a Yorkshire. With such a “polite” appearance, indoors he is always full of energy. They are sociable dogs that love their owners and sometimes follow them like a shadow. They are explorers and don’t like to be alone.

2. Shih Tzu

They are dogs that love to give and receive affection. They do very well in small homes, but they also love spacious terrain. They are quite versatile and easily adapt to any type of environment.

1. Mutt

The winner could not be another. Among the many cultures of our Brazil, this is the race that defines the word “mixture”. The much-loved mutts have a thousand colors, sizes, types of fur, appearances, personalities, among many other qualities that have made them the most Brazilian breed there is.

What do you think of these breeds? Do you have or have you had any of them? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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