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20 moments when nature showed that it is in charge of the world

Over the years, civilizations have been invading more and more the space of nature, destroying forests and making interventions of all kinds. But despite the many transformations that have already taken place and are still taking place, nature remains strong and always finds a new way to show that she is in charge of the world.

O awesome.club loves to see images that reveal the power of nature. Today we bring you a list of photos that show this and much more.

1. “The fire in this photo I took looks like a dragon”

2. “Today I found a small shell in my sea salt!”

3. “There was a number engraved on my cherry tomato”

4. “I took these photos today while hiking Mount Charleston in Nevada. My friend and I couldn’t stop thinking about how this cloud looked like a portal. I had never seen anything like this in my life.”

5. “My grass became a natural yin yang symbol because of the pool on top”

6. “Nature always finds a way (my leek grew and tore the wrapper)”

7. “A small hole in a wall I discovered outside my hometown train station. It looks like a forest at the foot of a mountain.”

8. “Nature imitating lightning emoji”

9. Someone needs a hug

10. “After a rainy night, this morning I saw a worm pretending to be a snake”

11. “This pod looks like a question mark”

12. “This tree survived deforestation”

13. “The strawberry I cut today gave me some love”

14. “Natural Pattern of a Magic Stone”

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15. “This beet has a heart”

16. “This potato looks like a human heart”

17. “I found this seed on a tree in San Francisco. From above it looks like a rusted screw”

18. “The photo I took of the fire looks like a deer”

19. “Today a hummingbird rested looking at my cell phone”

20. “With 45 minutes to go to the ceremony vs. During the wedding. Mother Nature and her perfect synchrony”

What is the most particular feature of nature in the city where you live? If you have a photo, share it in the comments.

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