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20 models of crochet crochet cropped to adhere to the look

Full of personality, light and fresh, the crochet crop top is the missing piece to make your summer looks even more stylish. The trend has already conquered the hearts of many bloggers and celebrities, some even taking the risk of creating their own pieces.

The ciganinha crochet cropped is a key piece that fits with several looks. With that in mind, see 20 top models to get inspired.

1. The white crochet crop top is classic

2. The gypsy, both short-sleeved

3. How much long sleeve

4. Bring a lightness

5. But white doesn’t have to be a rule

6. The gypsy crop top looks beautiful in several colors

7. Being they neutral

8. Pastel colors

9. Or more vibrant colors

10. Crochet cropped can also have patterns

11. Of the most different color variations

12. In addition to prints

13. The weaves of the models also vary

14. Being more open

15. Or closed

16. The crochet cropped cardigan is beautiful

17. The long sleeve highlights the piece

18. There are several crochet models of gypsy

19. They can be found in stores or handmade

20. The important thing is to please you!

After inspiration, what do you think about getting your hands dirty? Taking the risk of making your own piece can be a cheaper and more significant option, after all, you will be dressing with the fruits of your manual labor.

How to make a crochet crochet crop top?

For those who want to make their own cropped crochet crochet, there are several options for models and tutorials on the internet, ranging from basic to super detailed models, simpler to very complete explanations. Check out these 5 videos:

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Basic gypsy crochet crop top

In this video, artisan Débora does the step by step of a basic model of the crochet crochet crop top. In addition, she explains right at the beginning of the video how the process should be done so that the cropped is very straight and beautiful on the body.

Understand the measurements to make your crochet crochet crop top

Kátia crocheter explains with great love and delicacy how to make the top. She tells how the project she is doing is going and shows her step by step.

Recreating Ritinha’s cropped

Artisan Nathália do Vale explains the step by step of a crochet crop top and makes a tutorial inspired by a look by actress Isis Valverde.

How to make crochet crop top with cup

From scratch, artisan Diane shows how she makes a stylish crochet crop top.

Multicolored gypsy crochet cropped!

Teacher and artisan Simone explains how to make a crochet crop top so that it has different colors.

Now you know the charm that a crochet crochet crop top can bring to your look. But it is not the only crochet piece that makes up the look and is successful in the summer. What to learn to crochet a beach bag?

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