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20 Magnificent Sculptures That Will Take Anyone’s Breath Away

If you want to fall in love again, appreciate a work of art. Research suggests that your brain feels pleasure in a natural way when you come into contact with artistic representations, triggering the same emotions as when you are in love. This happens because of the release of dopamine, a chemical that triggers happiness in your brain.

So get ready to fall in love, because the awesome.club has put together a selection of incredible sculptures that will make you move.

1. It even looks like you’re meditating

2. These are made from hundreds of cables

3. “What is your talent?
“I can make a stone look like a delicate veil.”

4. All sculpture is made of wood

5. A 21st century Buddha

6. This is not water

7. This sculpture is sensational

9. A different kind of wood carving

10. Can you see right through me

11. We all need support from time to time

12. We don’t even realize that this lady is made of clay

13. We’re sure this reminds you of another work of art

14. Prepare to be moved

15. Just a seemingly impossible-to-get Michael Jackson shade

16. the miracle trip is an art installation in Doha (Qatar) that documents the development of human life

17. A whole landscape around your face

18. Freedom is like this

19. One goldfish missing… Wait, what?

20. We’re sure physics plays a role here, but what? We do not know…

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Bonus: digital art. Are we in 2090?

Which sculpture did you like the most? What do you think makes them so magnificent? If you know of another work of art that we should have included on this list, let us know!

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