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20 looks that prove classic style is timeless

The classical or traditional style is the oldest of the seven universal styles. Elegance, formality and conservatism are words that define the aesthetic adopted by women like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Check out what it is, what its main features are and get inspired by 20 looks that prove that stylist it’s timeless.

What is classic style

The classic style is the most traditional of the seven universal styles. After all, he conveys trust, credibility and seriousness. Therefore, it is often used in offices by executives, lawyers, judges and any profession whose dresscode be more formal. However, you can use it at any time of your day, regardless of your profession or social class.

The classic woman is an elegant, discreet woman who does not usually follow fashion trends, as she prefers to invest in timeless clothes and accessories, with high quality and durability. On the other hand, the downside of style is that too much formality can convey an overly serious image and often create the impression that you are a little older.

Therefore, the tip to balance the look and make it more casual is to bet on more modern versions of timeless pieces or mix classic clothes with other cool ones.

Classic style features

Like many styles, the classic or traditional also has its own characteristics that identify and define it. Check out!

Neutral colors

Because they are more discreet, women of the classic style prefer pieces in neutral tones such as black, white, gray, earth tones, among others.

classic prints

Women who adopt the classic style avoid wearing very flashy prints and, therefore, prefer more discreet and traditional ones, such as pied du poulepolka dot, chalk stripe and others.

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timeless pieces

The classic style is composed of timeless pieces that do not go out of style. Examples such as blazer, tailoring in general, white shirt, black dress, pencil skirt are characteristic pieces of the style. In addition, the classic woman prioritizes quality clothes, made in noble fabrics, such as cotton, silk, linen, etc.

straight cut

The fit of the pieces is another fundamental element that characterizes the classic style. Thus, traditional women’s clothes are usually straight-cut and flowy. That is, they are neither too wide nor too tight.

closed shoes

Closed-toe and classic shoes, such as loafers, point-toe trainers and pumps are favorites for those who adopt the traditional aesthetic. After all, in addition to being elegant and discreet, they are timeless and do not go out of style. Everything the classic woman loves!

Discreet accessories

The accessories are also discreet and elegant, as the style dictates. Thus, dainty earrings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, watches and structured bags are the traditional woman’s favorites. As with clothes, the classic style also prioritizes quality jewelry and costume jewelry, usually plated in gold or silver.

Anyway, these are the main characteristics of the classic style. And if you liked the aesthetics, read on to understand how these features fit together.

20 photos of classic-style looks to inspire you

Now that you know what the classic style is and what its main features are, how about taking a look at wonderful looks and getting inspired? Check out:

1. The classic style is composed of discreet and timeless pieces that never go out of style.

2. Like the black blazer, immortalized by stylist Coco Chanel

3. And for the iconic little black dress, consecrated by Hugh de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

4. And the timeless white shirt

5. The pieces in earthy tones also characterize the traditional style

6. And with them you can compose elegant monochromatic looks, which help to elongate the silhouette

7. Or you can mix light and dark tones

8. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on vibrant colors

9. Quite the opposite

10. Because, in the modern classic style, color is one of the ways to make your look more current

11. Another way to make the look more cool is to mix classic pieces with other casual ones

12. Like the classic black blazer with the ripped jeans

13. For work, an elegant tailoring set with a pair of pumps colorful brings more joy

14. With sneakers, the look is even more cool

15. For casual outings, the sets consisting of a blazer, shirt and shorts are sure bets

16. Discreet prints are also a feature of the classic style

17. As well as structured scholarships

18. And closed shoes like the pumps

19. Delicate and discreet accessories cannot be missed

20. Finally, classic style is timeless!

Learn about classic style and learn how to create modern and chic looks for your everyday life

In the videos below you will better understand what the classic style is and discover which pieces are essential for your wardrobe. Also, discover how to create sophisticated and modern looks even with traditional pieces. Check out:

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Understand what the classic style is

In this video, the fashion expert explains clearly what the classic style is and what are the essential characteristics of the woman who adopts the aesthetic.

Discover which are the essential pieces for you to build a classic wardrobe

The fashion specialist explains and gives tips on what are the main pieces for those who want to adopt the classic style. See and build your list!

Learn to create classic looks with modern pieces

In this video, influencer Vitória Portes gives tips on how to make the classic look more modern using modern pieces. A good option for those who want to change the style, but reuse the pieces of their wardrobe.

Learn to assemble elegant and modern looks

In this video, influencer Ana Merquior teaches how to create classic looks for everyday use. So you can stick to the style in more everyday situations too.

Finally, the classic style conveys elegance, seriousness and sophistication. It’s great for use in formal work environments, but you can also use it in your everyday life. If you are also looking for a more unique aesthetic, learn how to follow your own style and learn how to create looks that express your unique personality.

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