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20+ Internet users told how the delivery service ended up spoiling all their expectations as consumers

When we buy something online or order food, we immediately create the expectation of receiving and enjoying the order. Be it an electronic device, the chosen dish from our favorite restaurant or a drink in a street cafe. However, not everything is rosy, and sometimes the employees and delivery people can end up spoiling the whole experience.

We, from awesome.club, we found 22 reports from netizens of when the lack of professionalism of employees and delivery people ruined the customer experience. And as a bonus, proof that when it’s not the delivery guy, it’s Murphy’s Law. Check out!

“The care of some couriers…”

“Gratitude, delivery service”

“My vitamin gummies were delivered and they were on the terrace for less than an hour”

“Delivery guy apparently couldn’t find my house and decided to drop my order on the floor”

“Finally the delivery of the croissants arrived”

Inscription on the box: “Fragile”

“Here’s how my new computer just got delivered”

“While my wife was putting our son to sleep, I ordered fried chicken. The delivery man arrived, gave me the order and left. Without turning on the light, I placed the bag on the table and sat down to wait for my companion. When she arrived, I turned on the light and saw this.”

“One of the seals was torn on one side. The protective cap was deformed. Instead of ten chicken wings, there were only nine.”

“The first tube lamp was delivered bent. Thankfully, I got them to deliver another one for free… and it was just the same.”

“I woke up to a notification that my order had been delivered, but it wasn’t on the terrace. So I checked the app and saw this photo of where the employee had left the box.”

“My new video game was just delivered to my house by police officers. Turns out they found the box thrown over some bushes.”

“The delivery person left the order on the sidewalk, exposed to the snow and balancing on top of the mailbox”

“The delivery confirmation photo sent by the courier. When I got downstairs, the bag was gone.”

At the door: “All deliveries must be placed on the table in the backyard”

“If you look at the big blue letters in the middle of the envelope, it says ‘Photographs—Do Not Fold.’ Thank you so much delivery service”

“I ordered an expensive monitor, and since no one was home, the delivery guy decided to improvise”

“I thought it was strange that the delivery person placed the order at the door and just ran away. It turns out that most of the drink had spilled and still soaked my sandwich.”

“I’m on a diet and I’ve been craving pizza all week, until I decided to order it. When I opened the box, the food was like this. And I had tipped the delivery guy $10.”

“Here’s how the delivery guy left my vinyl record. And it is even more difficult to see this scene knowing that there is a box next to the terrace especially for orders”

“I ordered delivery of iced coffee. The delivery guy handed me this, looked me straight in the eye and shrugged.”

“Why do some delivery people insist on placing the food right in front of the door? Mine opens outwards, how am I going to open it?”

“Baguette delivery”

“Cleaning up the mess of the delivery guy who let his young son come deliver the order to my door”

“I ordered an ‘ice tea with lots of berries’. When the attendant handed me the drink, I said it didn’t look like the one I’d bought. The woman replied that the berries had run out.”

Bonus: sometimes couriers seem to guess the “right” time to arrive

“I was at home waiting for a delivery for hours, right on the other side of this door. Just waiting for them to hit. One moment, I left to throw out the garbage and, when I came back, I saw this notice that the delivery man had not found me glued to the door”.

Have you ever had a problem or misunderstanding with a delivery? How do you usually deal with the situation: stop using the service or ask for a refund? Share your stories with us in the comments section.

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