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20 German Shepherd Dogs Who Broke the “Cutenessometer” and Brightened Our Day

For some time now, we have demystified myths involving the behavior of German Shepherd dogs, allowing us to understand that these animals are beyond special. But if you’re still not entirely convinced how nice and good companions these dogs are, this post has the potential to change your mind. Luckily for all of us, many German shepherd owners love to share moments with their pets, posting photos in which the dogs are showing their noses to win the hearts of thousands of followers.

O awesome.club is a fan of these animals and, therefore, has put together a series of images of German shepherds that are ready to make your day much happier.

1. “We always thought that your stature would exceed the size of your ears…”

2. “Give me this!”

3. “This is our German shepherd puppy, Pepper. We think he has a bear in the family.”

4. “My boss got a dog and brought it to the office. Productivity has dropped a lot.”

5. “An emotional puppy”

6. “My dog, Gigi, thought she would find some love here”

7. “An adorable German shepherd puppy at the vet”

8. “My new pup looks up to his big brother a lot”

9. “German Shepherd? I think we adopted a kangaroo.”

10. “Yeah, he realized he can splash water everywhere”

11. “This furry little guy got into the shelter where I work”

12. “Enjoying the air conditioning!”

13. “When your food bowl is empty and all you can think about is asking for more…”

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14. Ears so big they look like a camping tent

15. Hey, why are you photographing me? Are you laughing at my fur?

16. “German shepherd puppy all red”

17. “Shieva, a Blue German Shepherd”

18. “Meet you my Belgian/German Shepherd puppy and my 43 kg German Shepherd”

19. “Yesterday I brought home this scary German shepherd. Meet Guy!”

20. “Our first German Shepherd, Maverick :)”

What is the most special pet you have or have ever had? For you, what is the great advantage of living with a dog? Do you have a favorite dog breed? Comment!

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