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20+ Celebrity Couples Who Don’t Care About Their Age Difference And Still In Love

Love is something unpredictable that comes and leaves us stunned, making our days more beautiful and enlightened. To prove that this beautiful feeling has no established rules to be followed, we selected 24 couples, showing that age is not an obstacle to happiness. A tribute to those who live love and don’t care about the judgment of others.

O Incredible.club loves to show that love is a feeling without prejudice and that the poet was right: Love escapes dictionaries and several regulations🇧🇷 (“The no-reasons of love”, by Carlos Drummond de Andrade). Like the list of celebrities and tell us about your great love in the comments section.

1. Moacyr Franco and Pâmela Noronha

Moacyr Franco married young and lost his wife LitĂłria in 1966; he had 2 children: Moacyr Jr and Guto. He married second wife HeloĂ­sa Franco and had Maria CecĂ­lia Franco. His third marriage was to Daniela Franco and they had 3 children. The couple separated in 2010. In 2013, Moacyr began a relationship with his current wife. He is 83 years old and she is 27 (56 years younger). They are very happy.

2. Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele

Mirosmar JosĂ© de Camargo (ZezĂ© Di Camargo) and Graciele are 18 years apart, he is 57 years old and she is 39 years old. They’ve been together since 2012 and will walk down the aisle in February this year. His first marriage was to businesswoman Zilu GodĂłi and they had 3 children: singer and songwriter Wanessa Camargo, actress Camilla Camargo and Igor Camargo.

3. Cid Moreira and Fátima Sampaio

Cid Moreira is a well-known speaker and presenter in Brazil and around the world, with over 70 years of career. The famous man has been married to Fátima Sampaio since 2000; they are 36 years apart. Cid is 92 and she is 56. He has been married 3 times; in addition to Fátima, with Olga Verônica Radenzev Simões and Ulhiana Naumtchyk Moreira and had 2 children: Rodrigo and Roger Moreira.

4. Kadu Moliterno and Cristianne Rodriguez

Together since 2014, Kadu Moliterno and bodybuilder Cristianne Rodriguez officially got married in 2016 on a beach in FlorianĂłpolis, Santa Catarina. He is 67 years old and his wife is 42. The couple copes very well with the 25-year difference. He was previously married to journalist Ingrid Saldanha and had 3 children: Kenui, Kawai and Lanai Moliterno.

5. Astrid Fontenelle and Fausto Franco

6. Deborah Secco and Hugo Moura

Actress Deborah Secco walked down the aisle with actor Hugo Moura in 2015 and they had the beautiful Maria Flor Secco Moura together. She is 40 and he is 29; the couple is 11 years apart. Deborah says: “I can’t see any difficulty in our age difference”. The actress had 2 more previous marriages: with director RogĂ©rio Gomes (1997–2001) and ex-player Roger Flores (2007–2013).

7. Preta Gil and Rodrigo Godoy

The singer, presenter and actress Preta Gil Moreira de Godoy married the physical education instructor Rodrigo Godoy in 2015. She is 45 years old and Rodrigo, 30. There are 15 years difference in age, therefore. She had 2 previous marriages: Otávio Müller (1994–1995) and Carlos Lima (2009–2013) and has a son: Francisco Gil Müller, as well as a granddaughter, Sol de Maria.

8. Martinho da Vila and Cléo Ferreira

Martinho da Vila met his wife, ClĂ©o Liscano, while recording a video and they got married in 1993. She is the mother of 2 of the singer’s 8 children; Martinho is 82 years old and Cleo is 49 — 33 years apart. But she says: “I never felt the age difference, and neither did he.”🇧🇷 In 2018, they celebrated their silver anniversary and renewed their vows with the blessings of Father Omar and Pastor Paulo Lima.

9. AntĂ´nio Fagundes and Alexandra Martins

The renowned AntĂ´nio Fagundes has more than 50 years of career. He met Alexandra Martins in 2007 and they have been married since 2016. Fagundes is 70 years old and she is 40 years old, but they claim that the 30-year difference only strengthens their relationship. The actor was previously married to actress Clarisse Abujamra and director Mara Carvalho and has 4 children.

10. Fábio Jr. and Fernanda Pascucci

He has been married since 2016 to Fernanda Pascucci, who is a bank manager and was the president of one of Fabio’s fan clubs. The famous is 66 years old and his wife is 40; despite the 26-year difference between the two, he jokes about their relationship: “my last love madness!” The singer-songwriter is in his seventh marriage and has 5 children: Cleo, Krizia, Tainá, Fiuk and Zaion.

11. Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady

12. William Bonner and Natasha Dantas

Journalist, writer and presenter William Bonner, 56, has been married since 2018 to physical therapist Natasha Dantas, who avoids disclosing his age. The couple is very discreet about their personal lives and even has no profile on social media. The famous was married for 27 years to the journalist Fátima Bernardes and they had triplets Vinícius, Laura and Beatriz.

13. Gilberto Gil and Flora

Singer and music producer Gilberto Gil is 77 years old and met his current wife, shopkeeper Flora Nair Giordano, in 1979 in Salvador. The couple formalized the union in 1988. Together they have 3 children: Bem Giordano, Isabela Giordano and José Gil Giordano Gil Moreira. He still has 5 more children, from previous marriages, with Belina de Aguiar Gil and Sandra Barreira Gadelha.

14. Roberto Justus and Ana Paula Siebert

Presenter Roberto Justus is 64 years old and in 2019 he married model Ana Paula Siebert, 31 years old. They’ve been together since 2013, when they met on his show. That’s 33 years apart. The couple is expecting their first child and this will be the famous’s fifth child. The other children are: Ricardo and Fabiana, with Sasha Cryzman; Luiza, with Gisela Prochaska and Rafaella, with presenter Ticiane Pinheiro.

15. Carlos Alberto de NĂłbrega and Renata Domingues

Comedian and presenter Carlos Alberto de NĂłbrega has been married to nutritionist Renata Domingues since 2018. He is 83 years old and his wife is 41 years old. As for the difference of 42 years, she commented in an interview: “Age doesn’t get in the way”. The artist has been married to Marilda de NĂłbrega for 34 years and they have 4 children together: VinĂ­cius, MaurĂ­cio, Maria Fernanda and JoĂŁo Vitor.

16. Chico Buarque and Carol Proner

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda recently married the lawyer and teacher Carol Proner. He is 75 and she is 44, a difference of 31 years. They met in 2017 and she already has 2 children from her first marriage. Chico was married to actress Marieta Severo and they had 3 children together: SĂ­lvia, Helena and LuĂ­sa Buarque.

17. Maria Padilha and Breno Souza

18. Caetano Veloso and Paula Lavigne

Caetano Veloso, 77, has been married for 33 years to Paula Lavigne, now 50 years old. They say that the 27-year difference was never a problem in their relationship and that they are very happy together. The couple has 2 children: Tom, 20, and Zeca, 25. Caetano has 2 grandchildren, children of Moreno Veloso, the singer’s son with his first wife, DedĂ© Gadelha. They are: Rosa, 13, and JosĂ©, 11.

19. Edson Celulari and Karin Roepke

Actor Edson Celulari, 61, met fellow actress Karin Roepke, 37, and they’ve been married for 2 years. The ceremony was in 2017, in Italy, and they had known each other since the rehearsals of the musical “Hairspray”, in 2009. There are more than 20 years of difference and they say that it only helps in their profession and in life. Edson was married for 17 years to actress Cláudia Raia and they had 2 children.

20. Solange Couto and Jamerson Andrade

Actress and presenter Solange Couto, 62, began her career as a dancer and was one of Sargentelli’s mulatto women. The couple met in 2009 and the wedding took place in the same year, in December. Just 2 years later she became pregnant with their son, Benjamin. Jamerson, who is 32 years old, talks about the relationship: ‘There is no law that prohibits love between different age groups.’

21. Tata Werneck and Rafa Vitti

Comedian, presenter and actress Talita Werneck Arguelhes is 36 years old and married Rafa Vitti, 24, in 2017. The couple has been together for 2 years, but they have known each other for a long time. The 2 had a beautiful girl, named Clara Maria, at the end of last year. In an interview, she joked about her relationship with her husband, 12 years younger: “I won the lottery of life”.

22. Malvino Salvador and Kyra Gracie

Model and actor Malvino Salvador, 44, and five-time jiu-jitsu world champion Kyra Gracie GuimarĂŁes, 34, started dating in 2013. In the same year, they moved in together. The couple has 2 beautiful daughters: Ayra Gracie Salvador and Kyara Gracie Salvador. The age difference of the 2 is only 10 years.

We list these beautiful couples just to remind you that love doesn’t accept rules of gender, age, distance or race. Because loving is what we seek. We hope that society learns from these examples to give more love and bring less judgment.

Did you like to know the curiosity of these celebrities? Know any other couple that should be on the list? Tell us in the comments.

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