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20 Celebrities Who Have Sported Different Hair Over The Years

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz with black hair, Anne Hathaway with short platinum hair or Jason Momoa with a short haircut instead of his famous long hair – we’ve gotten used to seeing these different hairstyles. Some celebrities have actually dared to change their classic look so well known to all of us, as strange as it may seem. And when a famous person takes a risk and unexpectedly changes their hairstyle that they have worn for a long time, it really manages to surprise us.

O incredible.club gathered 20 occasions in which our famous people changed their hair so characteristic, and, through collages, it will show these remarkable transformations.

Cara Delevingne: From Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut in 2017 to Dark Long Wavy Blonde in 2022

Andie MacDowell: Embracing Your Natural Gray Hair

Reese Witherspoon: Stunning blonde in place of a deep dark color

Billie Eilish: blonde instead of black with neon green

Michelle Williams: a bob cut instead of a pixie

Leighton Meester: switched from brown to blonde

Jennifer Lawrence: Risked a platinum blonde instead of her intense dark brown

Blake Lively: Swapped Red for Blonde

Emma Stone: dark strands instead of red

Jason Momoa: Long hair instead of short

Cameron Diaz: platinum blonde instead of dark strands

Kate Hudson: A pixie cut and dark strands instead of her typical long blonde hair

Paris Hilton: platinum blonde instead of dark hair

Lindsay Lohan: blonde hair instead of dark

Kendall Jenner: dark hair instead of blonde

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Lucy Liu: short strands instead of long

Shakira: intense pink instead of blonde

Anne Hathaway: From softly curled dark hair in 1999 to a pixie cut in 2013; finally, bangs and long brown strands in 2022

Mila Kunis: bangs instead of her usual haircut

Henry Cavill: From very short hair in 2008 to curly strands in 2012 and, finally, a classic cut in 2019

Which of these celebrities changed their look the most thanks to their hair transformations, in your opinion? What’s the most daring experiment you’ve ever done on your yarn?

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