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19 Photos That Prove That Love And Affection Can Heal Any Heart And Soul Forever

Animals really do experience a lot of emotions. There are many things out there that can disappoint, scare and hurt you both emotionally and physically. And it’s in our power to make them happy again, because just like us, all they need is love.

We, from awesome.clubwe couldn’t just let attitudes full of love and kindness go unnoticed and we want to share some of these stories with you.

1. This Little One Was Abandoned For Years At A Pet Store And Literally Changed Color After Adoption

2. “Before and after adopting Lily”

3. The difference a few months can make

4. “One month after adoption — now he’s my best friend!”

5. This puppy was found freezing cold, was cared for and is now healthy

6. “For some reason she was the last of her litter to be adopted”

7. “I found him in the garden. After a bath and a trip to the vet, all he wants to do is sit with me and eat.”

8. “He lived with an abusive family and didn’t trust anyone. Today was the first time he agreed to come work with me”

9. “Today we found out that our puppy’s sister lives on the same street as us”

10. “After months of struggle, she is better and now lives happily ever after with her sister”

11. “I adopted this cat when he was 18, thinking we’d have a few months to give him a nice retirement. But he is still going strong at 20”

12. “I heard a series of meows and I tripped over these seven kittens”

13. A happy dog, ten minutes after being adopted

14. “We adopted this cute, SUPER shy boy. Today, for the first time, he threw himself into my lap and did this.”

15. “I adopted this chubby old man today. Let’s start your weight loss journey!”

16. “When we went to the shelter, the caretakers said that the two had to be adopted together. They demonstrate why daily.”

17. “I adopted a matted, worm-infested, underweight dog last November and it was the best decision I ever made”

18. We found a baby parrot on the road a few days ago. He didn’t even look at us the first day, and now he wants to snuggle every time he goes to sleep.

19. “I adopted the saddest looking cat at the shelter three years ago”

Do you have any stories about giving a really cute, unprotected animal a second chance at happiness? Share with our team!

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